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You might ask: "Why not stay with Holy Name?"

Corps returns to The Cadets as 'running man' retires

Some time before the Cadets 75th Anniversary season began, Director George Hopkins had it in the back of his mind that the legendary Maroon and Gold would return to its founding name for that very special summer. 

To return as the Holy Name Cadets paid homage to the thousands of alumni who marched in the corps the last three quarters of a century, Hopkins said. It was a special and distinctive name, and one to be used in the most highly regarded of occasions. 

But the change did bring out some puzzled looks; he admits, particularly among more casual fans that were unaware that the Cadets began their journey as the Holy Name Cadets, a drum and fife corps under the management of a Catholic church in Garfield, N.J. 

“In post-season discussions, and surveys, it is true that fans new to the activity or more casual in their participation were unaware of the historical significance of the name. This sometimes led to confusion, and less understanding of the intention of the special name change. Alas, there are other points of order, all which pointed to a return to the name of more recent times, “THE CADETS.” 

“We see the HNC as one to be used only on the most special of occasions. In fact, at this juncture, we would expect to appear as the Holy Name Cadets again for the corps 100th Anniversary,” Hopkins added. 

Returning to their name for the 2010 season, the Cadets have done so in a creative and dynamic way, by retiring the circa 2004 ‘running man’ logo and today unveiling a fantastic new design chosen from the recently held Cadets Logo Contest. Alumnus Kenny Isidoro submitted the winning entry, providing the corps with clean, simple and distinctive design that will carry the Cadets well into the future. 

CLICK HERE to read more about Isidoro and his winning logo entry. 

Special thanks to these designers for their entries in the Cadets Logo Design Contest: 

Rudy Aguilar

Robert Azzarano

Dave Fowler

Jerry (last name unavailable)

Ross Kramer

Kate Lelek

Eric Miller

MW (full name not provided)

Alan Mueller

Adam Oswald

Zane Ruth

Trace Schlenker

Tom Stranich

Chad Tully


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