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Positive responses overwhelming for new logo

Become a Cadet as we embark on a new chapter

The emails, social media and forum comments have been numerous - Cadets alumni and fans are weighing in on the new logo design released Thursday. And while a few here and there had wished we had stayed just the same, the positive responses have far outweighed any negative. 

Stay the same? That isn’t what the Cadets are all about! said one online commenter. null

Now, with a fresh look, and a return to their name, The Cadets, the corps prepares to gather in just seven days for Audition/Experience Camp in Woodstown, N.J. Let us share with you some of the wonderful comments from alumni and drum corps fans during the very exciting last 24-hours: 

Just saw the new logo. Fantastic! "Les is mor" certainly applies! (maybe not to spelling?) Beautiful choice! 

I got a look at the new logo today. Fabulous!!!! What a way to wrap up this celebratory year and head into a new one.  The artistic vision within the logo provides a practical & simplistic icon of the current Cadets while embodying the heritage of the organization and representing its innovative forward looking philosophy. Your team nailed it. Well done. 

LOVE IT !!! Reminds me of the stripes on my son's US Navy Uniform. 

This is a great logo!  Thanks for sharing with us! 

The new logo is magnificent !!!  Great job.  In my opinion, it conveys what we are all about. 

I like it!  Clean, refreshing, and simply The Cadets. 

As always we are a class organization. New logo is right as rain. 

WE LOVE IT !!! Four thumbs up! 

Congratulations on the magnificent branding of The Cadets new logo and direction. I'm a fan and I this will just reinforce my amazement at the longevity of such a legendary performing group. 

Love it!!!! It says it all. It looks cool…This gets back to the history, the military and all the generations. Great job to those who sweated over choosing this. I love it. 

Congrats Kenny! 

It grew on me REALLY quick. So cool.  FHNSAB 

I've gotta say I like it. Very simple, but contemporary and effective. 

This design is much classy and timeless. I think it will grow on everyone eventually. 

I love it. Great design and timeless. Excellent choice! 

Love it....the running trumpet player did not represent ALL of the Cadets...... This is timeless and classic.... 

LOVE IT !! Excellent choice! 

I love the simplicity and the nod to the Garfield and CBC designs. Never really liked the running dude. As said earlier it did not represent all Cadets (I was in the guard).  

I actually think the logo is really nice. It's sleek, and refined, and I think it's a little more subtle than a jazz running trumpet player.

Very nice, I think.

Like it very much - sleek, timeless and represents the Cadets’ ideal. 

It is nice, but I also liked that little running dude. 


I like the new logo!! 

Very nice. 

It's simple, yet creative. I love it. 

Very smart. 

Like it a lot. Classy and brings in the fundamental ideas of The Cadets. Very cool. 

Clean, simple, elegant. I like it. 

Excellent! Simple, elegant, and effective. Very nice work by the designer, and kudos to the Cadets team for making such a smart choice. 

Love it.  Nice job Kenny! 

Well done. An awesome logo. 

My take? Lovin’ it! 

I like it - the chevrons / frogging are a classic part of the uniform - it works quite nicely. 

I think that this logo TOTALLY looks great, especially when looked at with their previous logos (HNC, Garfield, CB). I was never a fan of the running/leaping/whatever you want to call it member logo, and I think this is a nice change. Simple and elegant. 

I like it. The running marcher did not reproduce well on a smaller scale and wasn't on much of their merch as a logo on its own. This one will stand on its own and be recognizable on many different scales, with or without the name Cadets next to it. 

Props to the designer. Clean, few "moving parts" and will reproduce pretty well at every size. The hallmarks of a solid logo. 

I love this new logo. Very simple, but that's what a logo should be. Congrats Cadets!  

Join us in Woodstown to Audition, Experience, or Volunteer… 

The Cadets Audition/Experience Camp will be held on Nov. 20-22nd at Woodstown High School in Woodstown, N.J.  Attend to audition for a place in the 2010 corps. Or, if you’re still feeling things out, wondering if a World Class drum corps is the right place for you, then come for the experience itself. It’s a decision you won’t regret - players and performers of all skill levels are invited to check out a typical rehearsal weekend with the Maroon and Gold. You will play and learn alongside veteran Cadets! 

Running in tangent with the camp will be the Leadership Track, a program that takes college and high school section leaders and drum majors behind the scenes and includes sessions in conducting technique and leadership. 

To register, read FAQs about camp, the audition process and a general schedule for the weekend by CLICKING HERE. Volunteers are also needed to drive, cook and general help. Questions should be directed to Assistant Director Justin Heimbecker at, or by telephone at (610) 821-0345, Ext. 112.


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