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Why a Double Panel for Open Bands and not for "A" Bands?

Team is looking at the current system for 2010 changes

The US Scholastic Band Association added double panels to the mix for its Championship events in 2006. At the time, we added for all shows, but in 2007 we altered the formatting for open class shows only.

With the mind that we do, and always will give fair treatment to all bands, the idea of providing the double panel for OPEN class bands is a bit of a bonus to the bands that choose to compete at this higher level of classification. There is also the understanding that as the shows grow more creative, and more challenging, there is indeed a variance of opinion from one person to another. That said, with the double panel, we are working to lessen the impact of any one judge on the outcome of the event.

When judging, the adjudicators in the various captions that are doubled DO NOT COMMUNICATE! Indeed, there can and will be large variances. Folks see different bands, folks see different perspectives, and as the judges see 15 or 20 bands in a group, there can be distinctions from band to band.

As interesting as it may be...

  • We have open bands that DO NOT like the double panels. As can be the case, many are unhappy with the low score of the two and wish there was only one score to deal with. 
  • A” Bands want the double panel - at least those who did not do well! 

There will be changes in 2010 as we are looking at the systems. For all bands, we look to add a second effect judge for all large events. We are also looking at reclassifying bands for the larger events to include an A, AA and AAA class.

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