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DeLucia outlines Percussion Group format and classes

USSBA Indoor readies for exciting 2010 debut season

As the US Scholastic Band Association prepares for its inaugural Indoor season that kicks off in January 2010, Dennis DeLucia, Indoor Percussion Education Director, recently outlined the format and classes for participating percussion groups. 

“The launch of the USSBA Indoor season is quickly upon us,” DeLucia said. “I am very excited and enthusiastic about the innovations and the opportunities we will offer to high school drumlines who are interested in furthering their education by participating in this fast-growing activity.” 

The Percussion Groups will include three categories of ensembles: 

1. “Marching” - Battery and pit [including electronics] on the move in the gym.

2. “Standstill” - Battery and pit [including electronics] without any movement [drill].

3. “Concert” - Standard concert percussion instruments, plus electronics [but no battery]. 

Ensembles will be in one of three classes: 

“A” represents groups performing basic, or introductory, skills.

“AA” represents groups performing intermediate, or “basic-plus”, skills.

“AAA” represents groups that are trying to succeed performing advanced, or “intermediate-plus” skills.

Panels will utilize three judges for the marching classes and two for both the standstill and concert classes, according to DeLucia. 

“We are especially excited about the opportunity for groups who cannot get adequate gym time, or who choose to perform without moving, to compete under the auspices of USSBA. This might become the most hotly-contested category,” DeLucia said. 

The USSBA recently announced and opened up registration for its regular season and Championship events which begin in late January and culminate at Indoor Championships on April 17th at the Sun National Bank Center in Trenton, N.J.

CLICK HERE to view the schedule and register your scholastic group. 

For more information on USSBA Indoor, contact Event Coordinator Tim Gallagher at, or by telephone at (610) 821-0345, Ext. 113, or Tara-Lee Bryant at, or Ext. 119. 


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