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Talented mix of veteran, new staffers to lead Cadets guard

Team welcomes video submissions for 2010 colorguard


Update! Those colorguard performers who could not be at Cadets Audition/Experience Camp last weekend can still try out for a place in the 2010 corps. Video submissions are now being accepted. Contact Justin Heimbecker, Assistant Director of the Cadets, at, or by telephone at (610) 821-0345, Ext. 112.

What can colorguard performers expect when they come to Cadets Audition/Experience Camp this weekend? An excited and welcoming staff for one! As Colorguard Caption Supervisor Daniel Riley readies his team for the kick-off of the 2010 season, he wants to assure any new or veteran attendees, they will feel at ease. Most of all, the weekend will be a lot of fun! 

“We want everyone that is coming to feel relaxed and have a great experience,” Riley said. “Not only are we looking for talent, but we are looking for people that have a desire for greatness!” 

Riley takes the lead role this season as former Caption Supervisor Emma Roberts concentrates on her studies. Roberts will return to working with the colorguard immediately following Spring Training. 

“Emma will actually be with us this camp, then join us at some point after Spring Training. She has been a strength for several years on the guard staff and, of course the Caption Supervisor for the past two years,” Riley said. “When she joins us on tour, she will float from section to section, giving her attention to what needs it most at that time.” 

“She will be there to advise me like I did for her when she was Caption Supervisor. We both support each other 100 percent! We are here to give the guard our very best,” Riley said. 

Riley has been involved with WGI and DCI for the past 14-years where he has worked with multiple successful guard programs. He has served as a technician, choreographer, designer, and director throughout his years in the activity. He worked with the Glassmen in 2003-2004, and the Cadets in 2000, 2002 and 2008-2009.  He also performed with Blast! US National Tour.

A resident of Coral Springs, Fla., Riley also currently serves as the Artistic Director for Braddock Independent World Guard and Director of Guards at West Broward High School.


The coming season welcomes veteran and new staff members to the colorguard instructional team, some of which will be with the corps the entire season, while others will come in and out, Riley said. New staff includes Traci William, Rebecca Fieler, Ronnie Bynum, Eric Babula and Katie Hopkins.

Returning colorguard staff includes many talented technicians, choreographers and designers who have worked together for many years: 

Technical Staff

April Martinez

Emma Roberts

Alex Perez

Dean Broadbent 


Greg Lagola

Travis Estler

Johnny Amos

Curtis Uhlemann

Michael Rosales

“Most of us have worked together for years. We all know what each of our strengths is,” Riley said. “I have to say we work really well together and have a fun time with each other, and the guard.” 


Riley hopes to calm the nerves of first time auditionees. The weekend is about learning, growing and having a great time in the process. He’s excited about what this group will learn right out of the starting gate. 

“First, they will get to experience Johnny Amos, one of the best dance instructors in our activity! He will give a class and teach a combination. Then, they will have equipment technique time with our fantastic tech staff, then learn equipment phrases from our clever and unique equipment writers, Greg and Travis!” 

Riley has been in contact with many new potential Cadets during the past few months, and he’s looking forward to meeting them face to face. 

“They will quickly see that the staff is very approachable. We want them to have a great experience, learn a lot, and have a fun time doing it!” 

Cadets Audition/ Experience Camp begins Friday and runs through Sunday, Nov. 20-22nd, at Woodstown High School in Woodstown, N.J. 

CLICK HERE for more information or to register in advance. Walk up registration begins at 6 p.m.


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