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Still need a ride to Audition Camp? Deadline extended!

Register by Sunday and receive a free Cadets History Book

2008 Cadet tuba 

Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Cadets Audition Camp is Dec. 18-20th in Woodstown, N.J.

The opportunity to catch an inexpensive ride to Cadets Audition Camp on Dec. 18-20th has been extended until midnight Dec.13th as the corps continues to fill charter bus seats along four tracks that will travel from points West, South and North. As part of that deadline extension, the Cadets will also send a free 75th Anniversary History Book to new, paid registrants between Dec. 8th and 13th75th anniversary book

“We can’t think of a more perfect introduction to the Cadets for potential members than the gorgeous 75th Anniversary History Book,” said Assistant Director Justin Heimbecker. “There’s more! If registrants sign up by the end of the day on Thursday, Dec. 10th, they’ll be entered to win a DCI 2009 Championship DVD set.” 

The Cadets want to make the decision to come to Audition Camp easy for you, particularly if travel and transportation costs have kept you from making the trip. Last week, the corps announced an affordable roundtrip charter bus service from key cities in the North, South, West, and locally around Philadelphia. That offer was scheduled to end at midnight tonight, but has now been extended five days. 

“Thanks to some flexibility with the bus company, and the short notice with the offer, we are able to extend this unique offer for a few more days, “Heimbecker said. “We know it takes planning and creative thinking to get all the travel logistics in order, and a little more time is always helpful.” 

Three tracks, nineteen stops! 

There are three tracks to choose from when catching a ride to Audition Camp in Woodstown, N.J., said Heimbecker.  A South Track will travel from Charlotte, N.C.; a North Track will begin in Syracuse, N.Y., a West Track departing from Columbus, Ohio, and a Local Track embarking from Allentown, Pa. 

Below are the specific tracks, their stops along the way, and costs for roundtrip charter service: 


Charlotte, N.C. $40

Blacksburg, Va. $35

Harrisonburg, Va. $30

Towson, Md. $25 


Syracuse, N.Y. $40

Albany, N.Y. $40

Amherst, Mass. $35

Storrs, Conn. $35

Stamford, Conn. $30

Edison, N.J. $25 


Columbus, OH $40

Pittsburgh, Pa. $35

Bedford, Pa. $30

Carlisle, Pa. $25

Newark, Del. $20 


Allentown, Pa. $25

Norristown, Pa. $20

West Chester, Pa. $15

Philadelphia, Pa. $0 

To provide the service, the corps needs a guarantee that at least 45 seats will be filled for each track, so be sure to get your friends on board, added Heimbecker. 

How do you reserve your seat? 

  • Complete your CorpsData account as an applicant for the 2010 Cadets. 
  • Register for the Cadets Audition Camp by sending in the $125 registration fee online no later than Dec. 13th
  • Reserve your seat by sending in your request and fee no later than Dec. 13th. 

The following week, we will send a full roster for each bus, as well as detailed pickup/drop-off information for each track and location. 

Camp, audition info… 

Audition camp for brass and percussion players begins at 9 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 18th. Buses will depart for the ride home at the end of camp at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 20th

CLICK HERE to read more about auditions and camp.

CLICK HERE to complete your CorpsData account and apply for the 2010 Cadets. 

Questions about Cadets Audition Camp should be directed to Heimbecker at, or to Melissa Babalonis at, or by telephone at (610) 821-0345, Ext. 112 or 115, respectively.


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