Auditions move to Jan. 8-10th camp; All welcome


A growing snowstorm, with predictions now for 12-18 inches of snow in the Philadelphia, Pa., region has forced the Cadets to cancel camp this weekend.

After watching forecasts throughout the day Thursday and overnight Friday, the Cadets’ administration has cancelled all activity for this weekend as of 6 a.m. this morning. There will be no rehearsal this weekend and with the holidays, the next camp weekend will be Jan. 8-10.

Justin Heimbecker, Assistant Director of the Cadets, made the announcement noting “ although the snow is not to begin until Saturday morning, and indeed it could be over before rehearsal ends at 2 p.m. Sunday, the intensity of the storm and the possibility for very high snow amounts, has caused us to cancel. Clearly those traveling from the South will have issues Friday evening, and on Sunday, just about everyone will have challenges with plane and car travel. It’s simply a dangerous time to be traveling - very dangerous - and we needed to make a decision that was best for all. We waited as long as we could but his one seems to be only growing and it is headed right at us. ”

Staff and members who have flights should call to try to reschedule for January. We are sorry for the cancellation fees some may be assessed but, in the face of this storm, $150.00 is not worth the challenges and risks of conducting a rehearsal in a snowbound school and hoping all can reach home safely after the camp.

Rehearsals for the Cadets will begin Jan. 8th at 9 p.m. at Woodstown High School in Woodstown, N.J. All are invited as with this unique turn of events, auditions will be open for an additional week. For this weekend, the corps was expecting an additional 60-80 applicants for the remaining positions, and of course all are invited to return. We will also of course be adding to the mix those from the first camps and many who had yet to attend.

The Cadets all be performing a still unnamed program this summer, featuring music from Procession of the Nobles and the Howard Hanson “Merrymount Suite.”
For January, more than four minutes of show music will be taught and performed as adjustments are made to schedules. Positions will be awarded in January now. In short, the Jan. 8-10 weekend has turned into a critical weekend for the corps.

George Hopkins, Director of the Cadets , in Chicago for The Midwest Clinic added,  “First and foremost in our minds is the safety of our members, staff and volunteers. If getting to camp, or getting home from camp is as dangerous and difficult as they say, we need to make the right call. Justin and I discussed the matter for the better part of 24 hours  but at the end of the day, regardless the needs of the show and program, we simply need to do what is wise and right. There is no rehearsal worth putting the safety of members at risk. And with up to 18 inches of snow, we saw what we needed to do. If the snow does not happen, we still made the right decision with all of the information we have.”

The Cadets  office will be open today from now through at least 6 p.m. If you have questions, please give us a call or contact Justin at The team will be contacting every member by phone today and Saturday, new music will be sent out or posted and new details for January will be out as soon as they are finalized.

Looking forward, there may be some adjustments to the schedule later in the season but as of now, January 8-10 is where all attention is centered.

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