Snowbound! Cadets made the right decision to cancel

Philadelphia region gets nearly two feet on camp weekend

There is always a sense of uncertainty when it comes to the weather. Especially when snow is predicted! But early Friday morning, the Cadets administration team made the right call in cancelling the corps’ December Audition Camp in Woodstown, N.J. On Monday, the region is still paralyzed as Mother Nature dumped nearly two feet of snow in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. 

Twenty-three point two inches to be exact! 

Even though the flakes have stopped falling, the city and suburbs, along with much of the East Coast, are digging out. In the Philadelphia area, schools are closed and many roads remain impassable, according to a recent article on 

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A tough decision 

Cadets Director George Hopkins and Assistant Director Justin Heimbecker closely watched weather radars, remained in touch with AccuWeather sources and ultimately made the decision to cancel the December Audition Camp at 6 a.m. Friday. Auditions for the brass and percussion sections will now be held during the Jan. 8-10th camp. 

“I have been through this more than a few times and it’s always a challenge, but once projections got to six-inches, and after watching different weather services, it just seemed that we might have a pretty good sized storm, Hopkins said. “As much as we needed rehearsal, we did not want students and staff to be stuck in Philly for two days, nor did we want anyone to take severe chances on the road. Now we had no idea we would have 23 inches but, indeed we are very happy we made the decision we did.” 

The Cadets will return in January, but don’t expect current and potential new members to be strangers throughout the holidays. A 9:30 p.m. Webinar tonight has been scheduled allowing all to bring their questions to the table. Parents, auditionees and returning members are invited to attend and connect, said Heimbecker. 

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“Ask away,” said Heimbecker. “With seven weeks between the first and second camps, we need to keep all lines of communication open.” 

Webinar attendees are asked to pre-register allowing staff to gauge attendance. Also, pass the word! With many college students finishing up their semesters and heading home for the holidays, it is a challenge to reach everyone. 

Go to this Web address to register for the Webinar:

For more information, contact Heimbecker at, or by telephone at (610) 821-0345, Ext. 112. 

CLICK HERE to attend and find out more information about the January Audition Camp.


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