Concerned donor initiates Bring A Friend incentive

Lower your Cadets tuition through this unique program


Bring A Friend to auditions and save on your summer tuition fees!

A generous donor to the Cadets has concerns this past weekend’s snowstorm will affect the overall recruitment process for the corps.  In response, this wonderful friend has provided significant financial support that will benefit members who go above and beyond in bringing potential members to the corps.

Announcing our Bring A Friend incentive!

Existing applicants to the Cadets have the opportunity to make this years’ corps truly remarkable.  You have friends that are just as passionate and excited about the Cadets as you are, so bring them to camp!

The idea… 

Have a friend register and pay for the January camp before Jan. 4th and you will be awarded $50 towards your TUITION FEES!

To those who go above and beyond…. 

  • Bring 5 friends and receive a $200 bonus (Plus the $250)
  • Bring 4 friends and receive a $100 bonus (Plus the $200)
  • Bring 3 friends and receive a $50 bonus (Plus the $150) 

These must be NEW registrations! We are looking to use the Jan 8-10th  camp audition as a way to bring to the corps more folks interested in The Cadets.

If you can welcome five new attendees to The Cadets, our donor’s award to you is $450!  

There’s more …

All brass and percussionists at the Jan. 8th camp will be entered into a raffle to be drawn on Sunday before the close of rehearsal.  To enter, all you need to do is be at rehearsal and have paid your camp fees.  These prizes go directly towards your tuition fees. 

First Prize - $500

Second Prize - $300

Third Prize - $150  

Oh wait!  One more incentive … 

If you have auditioned for another corps, and you bring to camp some proof of your audition, we will reduce the fee to $50 for your first camp. 

That’s right. We have always seen The Cadets as an organization where teamwork is far more crucial than individual talent. We have forever taken folks that were turned away by other corps. If you are willing to work harder than others, work and live with passion, and devote yourself to the team, the Cadets may be worth a trip!  

As we believe, all things happen for a reason, including the East Coast’s whopper of a snowstorm! We may have been forced to cancel the December Audition Camp, but this move to Jan. 8-10 is just what we need to bring together the 150 folks who WANT to be a Cadet!

CLICK HERE to refer your friends

CLICK HERE to read the Cadets Audition Guide

For more information, contact Heimbecker at, or by telephone at (610) 821-0345, Ext. 112.


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