Cadets looking for a "Weathered" Assistant Tour Director

Position ideal for band director seeking additional experience

Justin Heimbecker, or “Rudy” to most of us, is the Assistant Director of The Cadets. He does a great job; truly, a great job, and he has a team of “twenty-something’s” who work long and hard to get The Cadets through 30-days of Spring Training and a 60-day tour.  

That said, it has become clear that the team would do well to have on board an experienced team member. Ideally, The Cadets are seeking a band director with 10 or more year’s experience who

  • Can stay on tour for the entire summer beginning at the earliest in May 15th and as late as June 15th. Tour runs through Aug. 15th!
  • Would be happy for remuneration of a few thousand dollars
  • Has the ability to support staff and volunteers at challenging times
  • Willing to drive to the airport, the grocery store, to the stadium, etc.
  • Can drive a 24-foot truck from time to time
  • Is organized and follows through on tasks
  • Can manage the “team” when Rudy is off site

Of course, a summer with The Cadets would be a valuable experience for any band director looking to expand their knowledge and experience. But make no mistake, this job is a good bit of work but, for the right person, the summer will be one they never forget.

Again, we do want a practicing teacher, but we do not necessarily need someone experienced in drum corps, although that would be helpful. Most importantly, the successful candidate will know how to “lead from behind” and love it - every morning, and every night as they fall off to sleep exhausted.

Interested candidates should contact Cadets Director George Hopkins at


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