Commemorative print lets you own a piece of history

Cadets framed art is an elegant souvenir

There's still a chance to own the Holy Name Cadets 75th Anniversary framed commemorative print.

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This gorgeous print, designed by current Cadet Thomas Baker, celebrates 75 years of The Cadets. A montage of pictures from various decades and the 75th logo makes it a perfect keepsake or gift for yourself or a  Cadet alumnus or fan. It measures approximately 15” x 24” and is handsomely framed in hardwood and glass.

This print would be a an ideal addition to any decor, perhaps in a former Cadet's den, over the easy chair and The Cadets uniform pillows. Tuba player Becky Russ ('09) likes the muted look, what she calls its masculine color tones, which also lends a relaxing feel to the print. "I think...I could definitely see this in a 'man-cave', maybe over a bar in the basement, alongside the bar signs. It's a great souvenir."

"It's fabulous," says Brian Wilkie, an early '80s soprano player. "It's a wonderful representation of our organization and an elegant compliment to any room."

"It's a good memorabilia for the 75th year," adds Russ. "It's a great piece for any [Cadet's] collection."

Any Cadet who has the commemorative 75th year ring or pendant, the 1934-2009 Cadets history book and maybe a pillow or two, would feel incomplete without this limited edition print -- a piece of the past Cadets seen with the artistic eye of a present Cadet. The prints won't be around long and then they'll be gone forever. Order yours now!


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