USSBA Plans Increased Recruiting and Training Efforts for Fall

Show staff vital to operation

Clearly one of the backbones of the USSBA fall marching band season is the dedication and professionalism exhibited by the show staff who execute their duties each weekend to keep the shows running on schedule and providing for great experiences for students.

The basic building blocks to successful events are having a qualified pool of individuals who are talented and dedicated to becoming the best show staff team members they can be. Quality meets quantity in a never-ending tug of war, which is why the USSBA is committed to improving our resources and training for show staff team members, while expanding our recruiting efforts.

Recruiting: How can you help?

Many of you were gracious enough to share with us some of the more memorable band parents you came into contact with at events you worked last fall. We believe that tapping into this resource of passionate parents, who already understand what it is that we do, and share with us the same dedication to young people doing great things, provide an excellent opportunity to grow our base of committed team members.

If you haven’t already shared some of the outstanding band parents you’ve encountered this past fall, please let us know and we’ll get in touch with them to help our recruiting efforts. Send those names at any time at

Another source of new show staffers which worked very well last year was peer-to-peer recruiting. Nearly two dozen show staffers shared with us contacts, friends, family members, neighbors and others who share their same passion for marching band and young people. These references became invaluable to our success last year, and as we continue to expand and upgrade our services to member bands, we ask you once again to pop open your contact list, your address book and your mobile phone to give us one or two folks you know who might be great additions to our team.

As an added incentive, for every new team member who commits to at least one show this year, we’ll give you a piece of official USSBA logowear at no charge. Sounds like a great deal for you — and we certainly become a better organization for you sharing folks you know will do a great job, just as you do.

Training: How can we help you?

After our series of training webinars last year, we realized there is a need for the give and take of a classroom type experience, even if it is online. However, with busy schedules and the necessity to complete training, we will be unveiling a full library of training materials from written resources to video segments to allow you to do training on your own time, on demand.

Our training for show staff, as well as adjudicators, is part of our three-pronged attack. Online|Onsite|OnDemand will allow you to cater the training to your own schedule and your own needs, and allow us to take advantage of the resources we have in technology, Web site and personnel to make it interesting, accessible and effective.

Read More about Onsite | Online | OnDemand:


For several years in the past we held on-site training at our offices in Allentown, along with some of our summer drum corps shows. We look to do this again once more in 2010, as well as adding trainings in market areas such as Texas beginning this summer. Watch for more details on these training sessions coming soon.


As was the case in 2009, we will once again hold a few training webinars online. These sessions will allow for staffers to interact with the home office as well as others in the field, hopefully proving real world experiences to improve our overall experience for bands, students, guests and event hosts.

Our pledge to you will be a more organized and thorough curriculum for each session. Additionally, each session will be recorded for future playback for those staffers unavailable to attend on the weeknight schedule.


The newest addition to our training toolbox is OnDemand. What we will attempt to do over a period of time is record each piece of the show staff experience to provide concise lessons for those who are new to the USSBA, or for those who would like to brush up before the season or before their next event.

These 5-7 minute videos will be located online in a password protected area so you can watch them at your convenience and learn as you go.

This obviously will be a work in progress but we hope over the period of 2010 — we will be able to capture all facets of the job responsibilities for use by future generations of show staffers that will follow us.

Tabulator testing

The final piece in our training program for 2010 is the implementation of tabulator testing on the tabulation program to give those in the field and the home office a baseline of performance and provide for additional opportunities for us to train each individual to the fullest so they can move forward into their event with full confidence.

Once the 2010 tabulation program is fully approved and tested, the package will be sent out to all tabulators and coordinators for installation and training. Shortly thereafter, score sheets will be posted online for individuals to trial run a test event. Afterward, the completed recap will be sent to the USSBA office for “grading.”

Tabulators and coordinators will be required to pass this test in order to ensure all individuals who could have a role in the tabulation of scores have peace of mind on the execution of their responsibilities as members of their show staff team. Meanwhile, if the test uncovers an issue, we will have plenty of time to work together to make sure the individual has the confidence to proceed with their assignments as scheduled.

Every team member who passes the 2010 Tabulation Test will receive full accreditation for the 2010 season, complete with a certificate and sticker to wear proudly on their season credential or USSBA logowear. More details on the tabulation testing program timeline to be announced soon.


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