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Two great new initiatives planned

What once was a season to sit back sip hot cocoa and watch the snowflakes fall, has now become an opportunity for the USSBA to ramp up and serve great young people through two great new initiatives. With the Winter of 2010, the USSBA debuts our first foray into the world of indoor colorguard and percussion with the inaugural season of USSBA Indoor followed shortly thereafter by March 4 Music, our opportunity to leverage our considerable event management skills along with our network of high school music programs to raise funds and awareness for music in the schools.

To get both of these objectives airborne, we’ve been working diligently since the end of the marching band season, setting up the infrastructure, recruiting, recruiting and more recruiting to get groups aligned for both Indoor and March 4 Music.

Now is the opportunity for you to get involved in what used to be known as the off-season. We are asking all of those fall warriors to volunteer for a few days in the winter to provide us with your talents, passion and desire to assist the great kids who will be either performing in the arenas throughout the USSBA Indoor season or participating in the March 4 Music 5K walks in 10 communities this March and in some cases both!

What is needed? For the USSBA Indoor season we are asking for those who are coordinators, assistant coordinators and tabulators in the fall to help us on one or more of the weekends from February 6 through April 17.

As we are beginning what is a fledgling undertaking, we are watching our dollars and cents so we are asking for volunteers to help us through the first season. Many of our hosts have walked away from lucrative events within other circuits to help us launch our Indoor circuit, so in turn we are trying to keep their expenses at a minimum. A few individuals have already contacted us about assisting in the cause, but if you can provide your dates of availability, we can finalize the schedule no later than the end of January.

Simply contact Tara-Lee Bryant at with dates you can join us, we’ll confirm your role ASAP.

CLICK HERE to view the full 2010 USSBA Indoor schedule.

March 4 Music

If you’re not familiar with March 4 Music, we believe it to be the world’s first cooperative fundraiser for school music programs where we harness the power of online social networking with a 5K walk to raise funds and awareness for music in the schools. The plan calls for 1000 students to gather at each of 10 locations on Sunday, March 21 and walk through communities similar to other benefit charity walks we are all familiar with. CLICK HERE to read more.

Our basic premise is that we have experience running marching band events with 10-15 schools participating, so if we create a series of 5K walks in the same areas as those events, with the same bands, we’ll be able to raise much needed money for the bands. The budget calls for 70–75 percent of the money raised to go directly to the band programs that raise it, with the balance going to offset the expenses associated with the online technology and logistics needed to pull together such a large event.

Courtney Beard is the project manager for March 4 Music and has worked to secure the ten host sites and at this point we are aligning each of the ten schools we’re looking to participate in each events on March 21.

What we’re counting on from our network of USSBA show staff members are volunteers to assist the event manager at each site and help them with logistical details the day of the event. One person from the USSBA office will be assigned to each location and if we are able to tap into the ranks of our show staffers to assist them from 8 a.m.–2 p.m., we should have more than enough talent on the ground to make the events memorable and profitable for the participating schools.

If you would like to participate or have any questions about participating, please contact Courtney at or 610.821.0345 ext. 137 at your convenience.

We hope you’ll join us on March 21.


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