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Cadets alumni and fans: Show your support for the activity

Vote 4 the drum corps in the Chase Community Giving initiative

After successfully mobilizing thousands of fans to cast votes of support using the popular “Facebook” social networking phenomenon, four of the world’s top drum corps have each received $25,000 grants in an innovative philanthropic program sponsored by the JP Morgan Chase Foundation. The four drum corps - Carolina Crown, The Cavaliers, Colts (incorporated as the Legion Aires) and Phantom Regiment - now qualify for a chance at $1 million. vote4corps

Standing out among hundreds of thousands of non-profit groups in the first round, these groups are now up against 100 organizations which qualify for a top prize of $1 million in the next phase of the program. Five runners-up will each receive $100,000.

In support of these fine groups, and the activity as a whole, The Cadets encourage alumni and fans to mobilize and cast their vote on Facebook, and help these corps realize their “Big Idea.”

On Monday, Jan. 11, the groups revealed their "Big Ideas" for how they would spend the $1 million grant. These proposals are available on the Chase Community Giving Facebook page

Starting today through Jan. 22, voters registered with Facebook have the opportunity to cast up to five votes for any of the 100 finalist charities. Only one vote per charity will count, so Drum Corps International, and its participating units, including the Cadets, are encouraging fans to Vote 4 the Drum Corps to push each of the four eligible DCI groups into the top spots.

Vote for ALL FOUR corps here: 

The Cavaliers:

Carolina Crown:

Phantom Regiment:

The Colts: 

“I am asking fans of the Cadets to get behind these corps,” said George Hopkins, CEO of Youth Education in the Arts and the Director of the Cadets.

“We, the Cadets, are not included in this campaign, but we can help make a difference for these folks. Someday, you know that we will need a favor, so, in the spirit of good karma and doing the right thing, we ask you to cast your votes today. Good Luck to all four corps from all of us here with The Cadets and Youth Education in the Arts.”


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