George Hopkins taking reservations for the "Hop Across Texas 2010"

New addition to clinic tour: "Gino across Texas" offered through the USSBA

It may be 21 degrees in Allentown, Pa., this day, but the US Scholastic Band Association, in cooperation with nine-time world champions, The Cadets Drum Corps announced today that George Hopkins will be returning to the great state of Texas Oct. 4-9 to offer workshops, clinics, and evaluations for interested schools.

This will be the fifth trip for Hopkins, CEO of Youth Education in the Arts and director of The Cadets since 1983. Gino Cipriani, brass caption supervisor for The Cadets since 2000, will also be in Texas offering his own workshop series for interested bands.

The offerings:


Gino Cipriani is offering two and three-hour workshops with the wind ensembles of any USSBA band in Texas.  The content of the session can include fine tuning the needs of the band, but technique and ensemble sessions are both offered through Mr. Cipriani.

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Two-hour session: $650
Three-hour session: $850 (no charge for transportation or food)


Hopkins offers a variety of workshops and time frames for participating schools.

Two-hour ensemble session: $750
  90 min.: life skills session with students: $500
  90 min.: band parent’s session: $500
  90 min.: tape study and life skills discussion with director and staff: $500
Combinations, half day rates, and full day rates -- call for information on wide ranging discounts!

All sessions are offered from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. but the schedule will fill fast. In the fall of 2009, Hopkins conducted eight clinics, traveling from Dallas to Houston and all places in between.

Write for information, questions, or to make that reservation!

To book -- Hopkins or Gino, or both -- write to Melissa Babalonis at or give her a call at (610) 821-0345, ext. 115.

For information on the USSBA, please visit


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