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DeMoulin Uniforms named exclusive provider for The Cadets, USSBA

Partnership features the DeMoulin Challenge event series this fall

Demoulin uniform 2010  

The Cadets uniform is displayed at the DeMoulin Brothers and Company exhibit during the Texas Music Educators Association convention last week.

DeMoulin Brothers and Company and Youth Education in the Arts (YEA!)  are proud to announce a multi-year partnership that will see the musicians of the nine-time World Champion Cadets Drum Corps performing exclusively in DeMoulin Uniforms, while DeMoulin teams up with the US Scholastic Band Association on a current national expansion initiative of the nation’s largest and fastest growing marching band organization. 

 “We have been extraordinarily fortunate to have developed great relationships with our corporate partners over the past few years,” said George Hopkins, CEO of YEA!, on the announcement of the partnership. “As the only organization in the activity that performs on the field and creates events for bands, we look forward to working with DeMoulin to provide a unique multi-level strategy when it comes to our impact on their marketing plans for the future.” 

Sean King, Director of the USSBA said, “Our exclusive agreements have led to stability and consistency in the industry and as we have grown, our partners have grown with us.  We had the pleasure to work with the team at DeMoulin many years and we are pleased to once again be part of their family as we expand our operations on a national basis.”

"We are thrilled to be the new corporate partner of YEA!, USSBA and The Cadets Drum Corps. We have a rich history with The Cadets and we are especially proud of the ongoing work of YEA! and its emphasis on furthering the educational experiences of thousands of student musicians, directors and families of those participants," said Steven Trull, Vice President of DeMoulin Brothers and Company.

"This relationship is directly in line with our company mission while we look forward to reuniting with members and alumni who have been so faithful to all that YEA!, the USSBA and The Cadets represent," Trull added.


As part of the first year of the DeMoulin partnership, the DeMoulin Challenge marching band competition presented by the USSBA will debut this October at two premier venues in the East and South, each designed to showcase America’s elite marching bands from each region in a new competitive format. 

Finley Stadium on the campus of the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga will host the first DeMoulin Challenge on Saturday, Oct. 2nd and Rutgers Stadium on the campus of Rutgers University in Piscataway, N.J. will be the site of the second event on Saturday, Oct. 16th. Both events will bring together 30 competitive marching bands to each location, each vying for 15 coveted challenge finalist slots in a first-of-its kind prelim/final competition for the USSBA. 

The DeMoulin Challenge Series combines the best features of the USSBA, including double panels of high quality judges providing commentary and post-competition critiques, with new competitive features such as a 30 band preliminary and a 15 band final format with the awarding of an overall Challenge Champion, creating an entire new echelon of premium competitive events. 

Since 1892, DeMoulin has been a leader in quality apparel as a uniform supplier to both university and high school marching band programs.  Based in Greenville, Ill., DeMoulin offers washable unconstructed uniforms, lightweight semi-constructed uniforms and fully constructed uniforms. DeMoulin is a custom manufacturer, with products made to order through designs provided from their studio of talented and creative designers or through uDesign, the industry’s first online marching band uniform design application available at 

Youth Education in the Arts is a not-for-profit organization, which supports the development of young people into magnificent human beings through participation in the arts.  Along with The Cadets, the US Scholastic Band Association, Music is Cool, YEA! Leadership Clinics, and several community initiatives, YEA! works to create the best experience for members, supporters, and fans of marching music and pageantry events. 

For more information on YEA! and the DeMoulin partnership, contact Sean King at, or by telephone at (610) 821-0345, Ext. 120.

Learn more about DeMoulin uniforms at


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