Summer Sales Manager needed for Cadet's souvenir operation

Wanted: Personality, management skills, team leader!

 The Cadets are looking for a Summer Sales Manager for the coming season.

The Cadets summer sales operation can generate $150,000 per summer. It is a traveling circus! We sell. We talk to recruits. We meet alumni. We make money to support The Cadets. 

And, we need a manager! 

The term of the position is June 1 to Aug. 15th. Our manager does travel with the corps and lives as we do, in gyms, out of the food truck, in stadiums and in truck stops across the country. 

What are The Cadets looking for?

  • A personable man or woman who loves to sell
  • Someone who can manage a team
  •  Someone who is responsible and loves long hours and hard work
  •  Someone who can manage money and understands inventory
  •  Being able to drive a 24 foot truck with a trailer attached now and then is a bonus

The pay is not a great deal. Think summer job, with free food and good music. 

Some other details –

The sales plan for the summer will be created by the YEA! staff, so there is not too much worry in terms of product selection or planning. The key here – SELL!! Being in the right position at an event, having a good sales set up and having a solid and engaged team can result in an increase of 20 percent or more over the course of the summer.  SO, as you can see, personality, commitment and a love for accomplishment are key traits. 

Other key points:

  • 22 or older preferred
  • Some sales experience
  • You will have to be amenable to our running a background check
  •  A love of the Cadets is a bonus 

Please send a letter of interest with your resume to George Hopkins at

Phone interviews will begin as soon as applications are received, an in person interview will be arranged for some time in the future, and a decision will be made no later than March 30th.


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