Have fun in the fall

at USSBA events

As you know, we’re always looking to continue to train and build our team of show staff professionals across the country.
With growth of about 10 to 15 percent projected this year in the number of events and participating units, we want to guarantee the same level of service to all local event hosts, as well as the performing directors, instructors and students.

The only way we can do that is to effectively recruit and train the ever-growing pool of show staff team members. Our growth will be realized as we continue to expand the number of dedicated individuals, such as yourself, to uphold the tradition of excellent customer service and “student first” philosophy we live.
That’s where you come in. If you know of anyone—a neighbor, relative, friend or co-worker—who might be interested in giving a little back to the community by helping the USSBA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the support of young people, we’d love to have you both.
Of particular interest are those folks who are recently retired from being a part of a band booster organization.  The perfect case is a booster who has run a marching band contest in the past, but can’t give it up. We have just the place for them!
Also an interesting trend is the signing-up of husband/wife duos who want to work together on a few fall evenings to support the marching band activity. If you know of a friendly, outgoing couple who would like to devote a few hours on weekends in the fall to help great kids do great things, the USSBA will provide them with a great way to give a little something back to the current generation of talented students in the USSBA!
We had a positive response to the post season survey where many staff shared some of their experiences with great band moms and dads out in the field. It is our intention to follow up on all of these potential candidates and let you know how the search is going!
If you have any interested individuals, please let us know by sending us their contact information to courtney@yea.org.
In the meantime, spread the word!  We’re all evangelists for this cause of music and kids doing great things… We just need to recruit some more great people to allow our growth to continue!


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