Indoor update

USSBA Indoor Hits Full Stride

As of this Show Staff brief, the USSBA has brought to life three events and a fourth one snowed out, and we are excited to have another seven competitions plus the first-ever USSBA Indoor Championships to round out our first year of events.

So far the reception has been overwhelmingly positive… something remarkable when bringing a new project to life and a new business to market.

We can’t thank some of our long-time staffers for their support at the beginning of this journey. With our initial season we don’t have much room for fully paid positions, and we are thankful to those of you who have come out to help us thus far or are on the schedule for one of the upcoming shows.

Thank you again for giving of your time and talent and volunteering for us to launch this very exciting initiative for the talented young people who are performing in their school drumline or winterguard.

If you would like to volunteer sometime this winter, especially at the 2010 Indoor Championships on April 17 at Sun National Bank Center in Trenton, please contact Tim Gallagher at at your earliest convenience. We’re looking for another half dozen or so folks to help us create a tradition of excellence indoors as we have outdoors in the fall, and we could certainly use your talents!

Hopefully, everyone will have the opportunity to look back with pride and say “I was there when…”


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