Cadets seek help locating summer housing sites

Music Is Cool clinic opportunities are wide open


The Cadets rehearse at a housing site in 2009. Help is needed in locating housing sites during the upcoming Summer Tour. Below, band students rehearse alongside Cadets during Music Is Cool clinics.  

An enormous factor in the success of The Cadets are the friends and partners made during their summer travels. It’s the band directors, the school administrators, and even entire communities that welcome the corps with open arms, providing them a place to bunk down, a warm shower, and the rehearsal space crucial to The Cadets becoming better and stronger every day. 

As The Cadets finalize their Summer Tour schedule, a need for housing has reared its head in various locations. While Drum Corps International assists with housing on show days, The Cadets are on their own for those off-show/rehearsal days, said Assistant Director Justin Heimbecker. Looking at more than eight-weeks on the road, The Cadets are seeking your help in finding suitable accommodations for 200+ people. 

Customarily, the corps houses in schools or college dormitories and, as a plus, during those off-show days, having The Cadets as your guest can offer amazing educational opportunities for students, band directors and instructional staff through the Music Is Cool clinic program. 

The following are dates, locations and Music Is Cool opportunities sought by The Cadets: 

June 14 in the Maryland/Connecticut


June 15 in the Northern/Central New Jersey


June 16 in the Maryland/Southeastern Pennsylvania


June 17 in the Central Pennsylvania


June 22-24 between Charleston, W. Va., and Normal, Ill.


3 rehearsal days

Possible areas: Lexington, Louisville, Bloomington 

July 6-8 between Chicago, Ill., and Denver, Col.


3 rehearsal days, 2 stops necessary due to mileage

Possible areas: Des Moines, Lincoln, Neb. 

July 19 between Rockford, Ill., and Van Buren, AR

1 rehearsal day

Possible areas: Champaign, St. Louis, Springfield, Mo. 

August 2 between Rock Hill, S.C., and Massillon, Ohio

1 rehearsal day

Possible areas: Blacksburg, Va., Charleston, W. Va. 

August 9-10 between Clifton, N.J., and Indianapolis, Ind.

2 rehearsal days

Possible areas: Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio 


There is a laundry list of needs the corps has when looking for housing sites, said Heimbecker, and the team is always ready and willing to work with band directors, school administrators and facilities managers to ensure all aspects of the stay are workable for both parties. Just a few of those considerations include: 

  • Sleeping space: A full sized gym or cafeteria for member sleeping, enough space to accommodate 150 young adults with luggage. Multiple classrooms to accommodate sleeping for staff, volunteers and drivers. 
  • Locker rooms: At least 10 working shower heads per gender. 
  • Parking: The Cadets travel with an 11-vehicle convoy, which includes four charter buses, three RVs, two tractor trailers, one box truck with trailer and one passenger van with trailer. 
  • Fields:  The Cadets utilize three fields on a normal rehearsal day. Ideally, stadiums with great height and a smooth turf are desired. 


In their search for housing, The Cadets staff is finding some schools will be in session farther into June due to snow days taken this winter. While it has provided its challenges, the delay in the school year can really be the perfect opportunity for band directors to welcome The Cadets and provide a Music Is Cool after-school clinic for students and instructors. 

“We understand that some schools may still be in session during these early clinic days, especially with the busy winter season we’ve had in the Northeast. However, we’ve found that with the right support from the district and administration, and a band director to champion the cause, a rehearsal schedule can be constructed to accommodate everyone involved and to make this opportunity available for music students in the area,” Heimbecker said. 

Hosting the Cadets can provide a scholastic program with an educational, enriching experience that can kick-off a fall marching band season in a very unique, positive way. Whether it’s a structured Music Is Cool clinic, or simply a sleepover at your school, all of The Cadets’ rehearsals are open to the public, and the corps is always willing to assist however we can to develop band directors and band programs to reach that next level of excellence. 

In particular, band members can witness how and why the Cadets achieve such levels of excellence: rehearsals start on time, the corps sprints back to every set, the performers freeze and evaluate themselves at the end of a rep, students look at instructors while they’re being addressed, instructions are followed and everyone on the team pushes each other to get just a little bit better every time, according to Heimbecker. 

“For instructors, they can witness the staff perspective: how to build a schedule for the day, how to empower student leadership, why spend so much time in sectionals and working on fundamental concepts, how to pace an ensemble rehearsal, how to save the brass players’ lips, how to utilize the metronome, and how to keep a positive, well-paced rehearsal going strong to the end,” he added.  

Whether it’s a traditional “clinic” atmosphere or not, any band program can walk away from a Cadets’ rehearsal feeling optimistic that they can transfer many of these things to their own programs, if they so choose.  

“We also love to see the stands full during rehearsals!” 

For complete details on hosting The Cadets and the Music Is Cool curriculum, contact Heimbecker at, or by telephone at (610) 821-0345, Ext. 112.



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