Only three weeks until Inaugural USSBA Indoor Championship

Showcase of Indoor teams in spectacular arena setting


The Sun National Bank Center will host the inaugural USSBA Indoor Championship. Below, while currently set for a hockey game, the arena will become a spectacular setting for guards and drumlines performing in the season-ending show. Register today!

With only three weeks remaining in the inaugural indoor season, the first-ever USSBA Indoor Championships are set to showcase units in a fabulous setting unlike any other for guards and drumlines in the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions, as the Sun National Bank Center outside Trenton, N.J., plays host on April 17. 

The USSBA welcomes groups from all sanctioning bodies to cap off their season in a Championship-quality venue which provides units at all levels an opportunity to perform on a stage equal to the value the teams put into their productions. 

“With design, props and attention to detail given to every part of their productions, we believe it our responsibility to provide a stage for these performers to be showcased,” said Tim Gallagher, Events Manager for the USSBA.  “While the regular season is contested in gymnasiums, small to large, having the chance to mark the end of the season in a professional arena is a goal for the students to work toward as they perfect their performances and create positive memories of the season of 2010.” 

Sean King, Director of the USSBA said, “No doubt people will be excited when they get to Championships.  As a team, we have made some logistical decisions which will benefit the participating units and once folks enter the arena, they will see they are part of a unique, landmark event.  While it caps off a successful first year, we want to set the tone for an expanded 2011 season for everyone involved.” 

“To watch kids enter the arena and see themselves on the jumbotron and perform in a setting to celebrate the time, effort and dedication they’ve given to their group is incredible,” said Courtney Beard, Band/Unit Relations.  “We see it time after time in the fall and it’s what makes the USSBA a unique organization.  Not only do students get the chance to perform and celebrate their hard work, but programs gain strength from the achievement of having an ultimate performance in an ultimate setting,” concluded Beard. 

Given the economic conditions facing all music programs, and especially indoor groups, many of which are resource-challenged to begin with, the USSBA has structured the fees to be affordable to most every unit, with a cost of $20-$25 per performer based on an average size ensemble. The registration is just $495 for a school’s first unit and is reduced by $100 for each subsequent unit to a minimum of $295. 

The competitive aspect of the USSBA Indoor Championships will have its own twist as both colorguard and percussion segments will have double panels to evaluate the performances.  The panels will be made up of adjudicators from across the region. 

Tara-Lee Bryant, Local Event Coordinator, added “With the weather adversely affecting so many units during the snowiest winter on record, we realize many groups may have been short-changed either in the quality or quantity of their performance opportunities, which is why we are welcoming groups from across the area to perform in our inaugural Indoor Championships.” 

Tickets for the inaugural USSBA Indoor Championships will be $15, with participating units able to request a block of tickets in advance for $10 to sell to parents and supporters prior to April 17.   The $15 admission price will be good for both Colorguard and Percussion.  Children under six years of age are free. 

For more information on registering your group to participate in one of the final few performance slots in the USSBA Indoor Championships, please CLICK HERE.


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