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Assistant to the CEO position available through June 18

Immediate opening at YEA! in Allentown, Pa., office

With the crunch of The Cadets and summer here already, George Hopkins, CEO of Youth Education in the Arts and the Director of the Cadets, is looking for an assistant to serve from now, through the middle of June.  

The position could be from 3-5 days per week and would involve a mix of professional and personal duties. From now until June 18th, Hopkins is away from Allentown for 45 of the coming 70 days, including frequent trips to Spring Training in Johnstown, Pa. That’s followed by 60 days of tour. In total, 100 days away from Allentown between now and the end of the summer. 

With that in mind, the requirements of the position: 

  • Self motivated and organized
  • Comfort with all Microsoft Products
  • Ability to speak to leaders and contacts in lieu of Hopkins
  • Great phone manner
  • Fabulous writing skills
  • Ability to force Hopkins to do what he does not want to do
  • Servant leader, able to do for others  

Some of the work involved with the position: 

  • Set meetings for Hopkins
  • Take phone calls for Hopkins and look for solutions
  • Make phone calls for Hopkins and seek solutions
  • Set up phone conferences and webinars
  • Take notes in meetings and make sure all in the office follow through
  • Set agendas for all meetings with the assistance of the team
  • Handle personal issues at Hopkins’ home (three blocks away from the office)
    • Mail
    • Bills
    • Fiscal matters
    • Registrations, cable calls, and many service calls he just does NOT get to 

Below is an example of current projects and activities that would be included: 

  • Some address changes not done with personal move to current address.
  • XM Radio Contract needs to be redone and repaired
  • RCN Cable service needs to be redone and reconsidered
  • Directions to Monday viewing for a friend
  • Assistance in marketing April 6th alumni event
  • Re-write of a bus contract
  • Re-write of an independent contractor contract with the assistance of the attorney
  • All payment schedules for The Cadets verified through the summer
  • Hopkins clinic materials for April in Alabama
  • Hopkins coordination with Remo on drum circles and materials
  • Hopkins letter to Community Music School
  • Hopkins coordinated attendance at Allentown and Lehigh Valley functions
  • Invitations sent out for the Wine Tasting to Hop list
  • Coordination of Hopkins notes to donors and friends
  • Hopkins travel to clinic in Northern Virginia in April.  

These are but the beginnings of activity and tasks that need to be accomplished. 

And the fee? 

Well, we are negotiable but this is a non-profit environment and we need to keep a balance in place. The intent of the position is not to make life easier for Mr. Hopkins but rather to give time for important tasks including planning, new business, etc. 


Please send a resume direct to George Hopkins at Include a cover letter including time restraints, past related experience and salary concerns. 

Deadline for submissions is April 16th.


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