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Gregory Pych has been George Hopkins’ friend and colleague for 20 years as they rebuilt the Cadets from “rags to riches” over the 80’s and 90’s.  Now, as Youth Education in the Arts and the Cadets, continue to support and care for thousands of young people every year, Gregory Pych has come forward with a generous gift and a unique challenge.
Mr. Hopkins is known for not going on vacation and when he does, he spends hours with a computer and iPhone in tow.
Wednesday, March 31st, through Saturday, April 3rd, Hopkins will be traveling to Clearwater, Florida to spend a few hours with his one outside activity, “the Philadelphia Phillies” during spring training.
And here is the challenge.
Greg Pych has offered to make a gift of $5,000 to the Cadets and the possibility of an additional $5,000 in Matching Gift contributions for a total of $10,000 – IF and ONLY IF George goes on vacation with no computer, no iPhone and NO ACCESS to Facebook for four days!  
Many doubt he can do it, and as much as he cares for The Cadets, for music education and for the future of young people in the world, we all know he may not be able to survive, even with a potential $10,000 donation on the table!      
So…here is the challenge from Greg.
If you will join in this challenge and we can collectively raise $10,000 in donations between today and Saturday, April 3rd at 11:59 pm, that will mean a $20,000 contribution to the 2010 Cadets - before the M&G Campaign even kicks in!  And what it means for George Hopkins is, perhaps a nervous breakdown but hopefully, a few days of sleep, sun, adult beverages and baseball.
So will you please join us and either e-mail me directly at susan@yea.org or go to http://www.yea.org/4days and make your matching contribution.
To all who participate … we will be sending a special Collector’s mug – with the M&G Logo, the New Cadet Logo and Greg’s name… as a special edition premium to remember this occasion.
Not to mention … you will be a part of a once in a lifetime, challenge for George Hopkins.
Please join The Cadets early this year…this is ONLY a 4 DAY CAMPAIGN to raise Matching funds, it is a very generous offer from Mr. Gregory Pych, Cadet alumnus, long time supporter of the corps, volunteer and George’s friend.  Speaking for everyone at the Cadet office I have to say, anything that can get George to stop sending emails for a few days will make us all grateful to each and everyone of you!  
In fact, to kick things off, Tim has already pledged $100 and I personally pledge $250 to the fund --- that leaves just $9,650 to go from all of you - And FOUR days to get there!

Thank you so much on behalf of the Cadets and the entire Cadets staff…!  
Susan Erben
Development Director, Cadet alumnus


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