USSBA announces price reduction on Northern States

Ticket requirement cut by 25 percent in upcoming season

The US Scholastic Band Association announced Tuesday, April 13 a dramatic rollback of 25 percent of the required ticket package and an expansion of its popular commission program with optional tickets providing a potential net effect of $190 to $740 per band, depending on the size of the band. 

 “This decision is not made without considerations elsewhere,” said George Hopkins, CEO of Youth Education in the Arts, parent organization of the USSBA.  “We’ve taken a look at where we can help the bands, and with nearly 200 bands participating in this event, we can provide some price reductions with controlling costs on our end, and potentially increasing fees in other areas.” 

The Northern States Championship ticket requirements will be reduced by 25 percent beginning in 2010.  

Group I savings of $117
Group II savings of $195
Group III savings of $234
Group IV savings of $312
Group V savings of $403
Group VI savings of $481 

The Northern States Championship commissionable ticket program will provide a 133 percent increase in the amount of the money that bands can earn by selling tickets to the Championship. 

When factoring in the amount of tickets bands had been selling in the past, and the new commissionable price for tickets, bands can use the tickets as a fundraiser to raise between $63 and $259 in additional funds, with no additional work.  As a result of the reduction in required tickets and increased commissions, bands could feel a positive impact of the following: 

Group I $195
Group II $300
Group III $360
Group IV $480
Group V $620
Group VI $740 

Additionally, the high end of the optional ticket commission program has no cap.  With virtually unlimited amount of tickets available for the Northern States Championships, bands can sell as many $17 tickets as they would like for a $7 commission per ticket. 

Current USSBA policy states that all Northern States Championship bands will be sent optional tickets according to the size of their band. 

Groups I and II – 50 Optional tickets
Groups III and IV – 100 Optional tickets
Groups V and VI – 150 Optional tickets

 “As has been the policy in the past, these tickets are sent and can be sold or returned unsold at the discretion of the individual band,” said Sean King, Director of the USSBA. “However, a nearly 50 percent fundraiser for bands to take part it is hard to decline.  Some bands do a terrific job using these tickets to fund their transportation and other costs.  We hope all other bands will do the same to help their bottom line.”


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