Cadets' Annual Campaign kicks off with $5,000 CEO gift

Share your passion for The Cadets by joining the Maroon & Gold Club

Following a successful HOPKINS’ DISCONNECTED Campaign that raised more than $21,000 for The Cadets, the Annual 2010 Maroon & Gold Club Campaign launched this morning. Mailers have hit the streets and telephone lines are being prepped in the Allentown, Pa., office for the annual Call-A-Thon when staff and corps members reach out to alumni, friends and fans of The Cadets during the month of May. mglogo

Cadets Director George Hopkins kicked off the campaign with a personal contribution of $5,000! He will pay the amount in monthly increments of $600, an installment contribution plan available with the Annual Maroon & Gold Club Campaign and all Cadets’ fundraising efforts.  

“Of course, The Cadets are a key part of my job, but the program is also my passion,” Hopkins said. “My own daughter marched here for four years, and now, she is a member of the teaching staff. After 30-years, watching thousands of young people pass through these doors and go out into the world to make their mark, The Cadets is most certainly the place I want to invest. I have also made The Cadets a part of my estate planning in keeping with the corps’ long term goal, ensuring that we will be able to rely on our own assets to keep the organization running when times get tight.” 

 “I see it as a privilege and duty to donate whatever I can, whenever I can!  I want to set the best example possible because I know what the corps needs to make it through ONE season and through the next 25 seasons to that 100th Anniversary in 2034!”   

The Maroon & Gold Club Campaign has as a goal to reach more than 1,000 donors in 2010. We are asking our alumni and fans who have never donated to put us over the top and our dedicated donors to renew their membership before the first show on June 18!  With the success of 800 generous people donating in 2009 – around 300 Cadets Alumni – we are asking you to become the 301st Alumnus or the 801st Donor to contribute to The Cadets!   

Please go directly Online to or send back the response card you’ll soon receive in the mail. Also in that mailing, you’ll receive a beautiful 2010 Cadets brochure, your keepsake to share with family and friends!   

You are the corps’ biggest hope for growth. We already have the most generous donors of any drum corps, and in 2010 we want all of our alumni and fans to be represented in unprecedented numbers as official members of The Cadets Maroon & Gold Club.   

Everything, yes everything, you contribute as a donor will go toward a Cadet… 

  • Your donation at the $34 Intro Level will buy milk for one breakfast!
  • The $76 Rookie Level will fuel one bus trip to one show – AND will get The Cadets to the stadiums to perform the shows you love so much - at their best and just for you! 

EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR you spend on a t-shirt, on a ticket and whatever amount more you choose to contribute is needed, appreciated and is evident in that moment - when for 11 minutes - it is just you and the members of the corps experiencing the show together!    

Please step into the next era of The Cadets in 2010 by renewing your membership or becoming a new member of The Maroon & Gold Club! 



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