Fall Event Staff assignment schedule to be released in June

The USSBA has 10 super weekends of excitement on tap!

The number one question most veteran show staff members have this time of year is, “Where am I going this fall?” 

Rest assured, as we finish up the school year, our collective focus turns from serving the band directors, to digging in on the logistics needed to build a solid foundation for the coming season. 

As you may know, there are many factors taken into consideration when fleshing out the schedule.  The first criteria evaluated are the team member’s experience and their choice of job assignments.  Next, we take a look at date availability and geographic location.  The idea is always to try to keep staff team members close to home to make it as convenient for you to get to and from the stadium. 

From there, we try to balance the number of dates between all individuals so the number of working weekends is as consistent as possible between staff members.  The basis of this reasoning is that if a show staff team member is willing to give of their valuable time, we will recognize that gesture by doing everything possible to give them an assignment, and not relegate them to only one or two events, when others have a full schedule. 

New this year, we will try to return the same Coordinator to each show from last year, wherever possible.  Obviously, dates and locations change year to year, but we do not want to upset the balance from one year to the next, when our staff has built a rapport with the school hosts.  We will also look to return the same Tabulator to the site if at all possible, allowing the two-person team to hopefully train the next generation of Coordinators who will be serving in the role of Assistant Coordinators and learning the ropes in 2010. 

We do take into consideration putting together a good mix of veteran and rookie team members per event where possible. The goal is to achieve balance between the loyalty toward our returning team members, and expanding the pool of talent of new to allow us to continue expanding our offerings into new areas with the same quality service. 

Much like the plan with the judging community, we attempt to team up a successful, proven Coordinator and/or tabulator with a new Assistant Coordinator to provide a structured, successful training session.  The same goes with the other job assignments as well.  We think this training plan works well, and hope you benefit from this system. 

After all of this scheduling, reviewing and re-reviewing, the USSBA plans to release the first round of schedules in the next few weeks.  Please let us know of any conflicts or if something just doesn’t make sense for you.  We understand many of you have been working specific events for many years, and if you had a request we did our best to accommodate it. The goal is to have the entire schedule set by sometime in July and then work out the final details of all ground travel for show staff team members, judges and event hosts in August, well in advance of the first note of music being played. 

The fine print! 

There is one request we do make of every staff member and that is once per season, to go above and beyond the call of duty and take on an assignment a little outside of their “backyard.”  Usually, this is just because of a lack of personnel in a given area, or scheduling conflicts.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation and we will try our best to keep these instances to a minimum. 

A few show staff members are also asked at times to pick up and/or drop off judges at a hotel on their way to or home from an event.  For those of you who are so gracious to offer, we thank you.  This generous offer is very valuable as it allows us to keep our expenses to a minimum by using affordable hotels near the airport and avoiding expensive rental cars and hotels far away from the event site.  Again, we try to keep these requests to a minimum and have been working much more closely with high school event hosts to provide for these pick-ups and drop-offs.


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