UPDATED: Cadets seek brass alternates and drivers

Positions open for those who march, and those who do not

The Cadets are back at Spring Training after a fantastic weekend of Memorial Day events. With two weeks to go until their first show on June 18 in Allentown, Pa., The Cadets have the following needs.

Interested? Do you fit the bill? 

Brass Alternates

If you are willing and able to come into camp at a discounted fee, we would like to add alternate brass players to the total mix of members. We have some worries with the demands of the program and it may be wise to have an alternate or two on board. Contact Cadets Brass Caption Supervisor Gino Cipriani at ginocipriani@gmail.com.

Tour Management Assistant

As it turns out, one of the tour assistants for The Cadets has some driving record issues and cannot be added to the insurance policy for the summer. This totally restricts someone’s ability to be of assistance so we are looking for someone who can come in and assist the team. Responsibilities will include airport runs, trips for food, stadium runs and various support tasks. The fee is small - $1,500 for the summer but the opportunity is perfect for the right person. Interested applicants should email Heimbecker at justin@yea.org. 

Merchandise Team Support

The Cadets sales team needs one additional member. We would love to have someone from June 10th – August 15th. There is no real pay but we will pay transportation, take care of food, and we insure you will have a great time. Write to Jamie Marrero at jamie@yea.org for more information.  Skills needed include liking to talk to people, can handle money, and love to be around the Cadets! 

Small Vehicle Driver

We need a small vehicle drivers for the RV and vans and CDL Class A drivers, particularly for the month of July. Write to Justin Heimbecker at justin@yea.org.

Please get back to us as soon as possible. This season is shaping up to be a great tour, and a great show. Get on board. Be a Cadet! Help A Cadet! 


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