Cadets need a few brass players to fill holes - fast!

Great kids, great drum corps - great experience

The Cadets performed their 2010 program for 400 or so of their closest friends at “An Evening with the Cadets” on Saturday, May 30th.
What did people think?

A few things as I have just come back from the "Evening With the Cadets"

1 - Straight from Hop's mouth to the audience..."no voice in 2010"...but there is always next year!
2 - Wow what a show.
3 - "New" uniforms look great as always. Same uni, they just smell WAY better.
4 - Holy crap the music.
5 - Drumline is coooookin'!
6 - Dang....this show had the staff on the feet before the audience. (Edit....that’s a good thing)
7 - Did I mention this show is freakin' sweet?

Bias aside, VERY impressed with what I heard. Gonna be a great one and very accessible! 


Wow! This could be the best show yet! I simply could not believe the percussion solo. What a great job of engaging an audience. And the opening … spectacular!!!!!

Jesse - alumnus 1987

How do you guys do it!!! What a tribute to what makes the Cadets the Cadets. I marched in the 50’s and I am as proud as I can be!!!! Holy Cow! What a great night!


G7 … H7 … Q7 …. Who cares!! I get that there are things to handle to keep drum corps up and running for these kids but, one thing that will definitely help SHOWS LIKE THIS!!! I bought the CD and I have played it 20 times. I just got done playing it for my friends at our barbeque ( I think my wife is ticked )
I have been a drum corps fan for 30 years and this drum corps is good. Real good!!! I cannot believe you have 90 first year members. WOW!!! I have to say, some corps might have taken a year off with such a turnover but …. Not you guys! I am still laughing over “Children’s Dance”. That might be the best tune of the last 5 years!!!!
Work harder! This one needs to have the best drill ever. You already have the music


Following the parades of Memorial Day, the Cadets will be back at work, and we have spots for a few good players. We have had someone leave for a family crisis, we had someone who could not take the physical work, and we had an injury. We have had a few other situations, but… we need to lock and load.

So  --

Are you out there?
We need:

  • A Tuba! We added two vets yesterday we need one more
  • A Baritone. Spots been open for a week
  • A Mellophone Alternate -- ? fee and we are guessing you will get in the show
  • And we will take a trumpet alternate of you are out there. We have our 22 but…

Can you get here? You have to have experience marching to fill these holes. You have to be physically fit. And you have to be a solid player. Frankly, these positions are perfect for those vets who stayed at home all winter and now have the bug!!! We are looking for YOU!!!!
So … we filled the snare hole, the guard is looking good, but the brass line took a hit last week! We are marching 72. We would like to have a committed and hard working 72. So … now is your chance.

E-mail Gino Cipriani direct at
You can also call Justin, the assistant director of the Cadets at (610) 357-1540

First Come … First Served.
The Cadets are in camp in Johnstown, PA first show is June 18th.

Happy June!!! Here we come!!! Join us !



George J. Hopkins
CEO- Youth Education in the Arts
Director - The Cadets ;


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