Audio Clip: 'Evening' concert brings rush of feedback

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Back in Johnstown, Pa., finishing out the last two weeks of Spring Training, The Cadets really have no idea just how much their alumni, family and fans enjoyed their performance at An Evening with The Cadets over Memorial Day Weekend. null

To let them know the extent they are loved, the corps members this weekend will receive a booklet full of appreciative comments from guests who attended the May 30 concert. 

If you missed An Evening with The Cadets, that’s ok! We’ve got an audio clip of one of the crowd’s favorites – Children’s Dance – one of the pieces within the summer production Toy Souldier. Imagine what this will be like on the field! 

In just two weeks, you can see it live at Drum Corps – An American Tradition, the corps’ season opener on June 18 at J. Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown, Pa. Plus, if you order your Allentown show tickets by June 15, you will receive a coupon for a free copy of The Cadets’ "Toy Souldier" pre-season CD absolutely free! 



Still not convinced you ought to cheer on The Cadets on June 18? 

Read what guests had to say to The Cadets about the debut of their musical repertoire: 

I have no adequate words.  Gino Cipriani was in front of me.  At the end I said, "My God!  You have two months to tweak 'em.  What are you going to do, get them to play faster?"  He smiled that knowing smile and said "Yeah!' 

Incredible!  And the percussion?  They shouldn't be allowed to play indoors. Fire hazard! 

Ray Richards 


I know its still 3 weeks till the start but I had to say it. An Evening with The Cadets was unbelievable. What a corps! I've purchased tickets for all the shows I can attend and after what I saw and heard the other night, I'll check the schedule and do a major road trip for one more. This is going to be HUGE! And the snare line...Huger!! (I know that isn't a word but it should be!) 

J. Gorman 



Amy and I enjoyed the concert and the hot venue was a good "warm-up" for sitting outside on a hot, summer night watching the Cadets compete.  

My favorite moment of the evening - the tubas opening note on the warm-up in the auditorium. That one sustained note announced the start of the 2010 Cadets season! 

It's the small things that made for a great show - the stealth of the brass as they entered and left the auditorium, the ripple of the horns, the exact handling of the sticks and mallets by the battery, etc. This individual self-discipline and attention to detail defines The Cadets! 

Look forward to seeing you in Allentown! 

Dave Beck 



My wife and I attended An Evening with the Cadets on Sunday evening, May 30 at Pequannock High School. All we can say is "WOW." The performance by The Cadets was fantastic and we cannot wait to see our first show. If you guys and gals can march this show as well as you already play the music, it is going to be a wonderful year for The Cadets. Keep up the hard work and dedication and your year will be very successful. It is not whether you win or lose, but what you accomplish by the end of the marching season. We wish you the best of luck and have a safe and enjoyable summer. 

Bob and Judy Riley 



I'm at a loss for words. To see The Cadets enter, not a word spoken, and then hear the "warm up," brought tears to my eyes. Such professionalism. The sound was awesome. The blend of all parts of the hornline comes through.  With 90 new members aboard, the corps has not missed a beat. The music for the new show is exciting, to say the least. The drum line - WOW! The pit players were right on, as was the color guard. This event will be a highlight of the year for me, being so close to The Cadets in all their glory. Having marched myself, I know parades can be a grind, but to see and hear them in Hawthorne, N.J. on Monday, they did themselves proud. Following them, I can't believe how much they played. These young men and women will keep The Cadets tradition as the finest in drum and bugle corps. Thank you to all The Cadets and their staff for a job well done. 

Charles Brandenburg, 1952 -53 -54 Alumni 



Dear Cadets: 
Our son is a first-year member, and we are truly amazed by how talented and dedicated all the Cadets and staff are, and how quickly you have all come together to produce such a fantastic sound!  We hadn't a clue as to what The Cadets or DCI was when our son first asked us if he could try out, but the more we see and learn, the more impressed we are.
I remember walking through the back parking lot towards the gym at Woodstown the first audition weekend on Sunday to see the parents' preview show, and having the hair on the back of my neck stand on-end as "Thriller" blasted through its open doors.  It was that powerful and "thrilling."
Since then, my wife and/or I have attended almost every audition weekend's show, and have been truly impressed by what we have seen and heard.  Not being musically talented myself, I found the repeated sections (brass-only, percussion-only, from section A thru F, "all-in", etc) especially interesting, as I tried to follow the subtle "mistakes" identified by the staff or the nuances of the on-the-fly changes being tried during those performances.  To see and hear everything come together in their entirety this past Sunday evening was nothing short of phenomenal. 
Even though we have been following your exploits on YouTube and thru The Cadets' videos, nothing could have prepared us for the instant lump in our throat and pride we felt the first time we saw our son and the rest of you enter the auditorium in uniform and heard you play!  The same holds for the final parade we saw.  The comments we heard in the crowd were all the same - -people were blown away by what they saw and heard.  Nobody left until The Cadets were done!
I can't even begin to imagine how hard everyone is working at Spring Training, but I hope that every Cadet gets just a little extra lift or wind at their backs when they need it when they hear just how fantastic their performance was, and how proud we are of everyone.  We can't wait until Allentown!

David Swiren 



Dear Members of the 2010 Cadets,

I would like to share my congratulations with you all on your performance on Sunday at Pequannock High School! I was in attendance with my wife and our daughters. We all were absolutely thrilled with your performance! 

First of all I would like to commend you on your performance aura. From the moment you enter the theater and take the stage you captivate the audience with your intensity and confidence! 

The brass section played with a mature, full sound…..flawless technique and impeccable intonation, balance and blend. I was in awe of every note…..from the first notes of the tuning warm-up until then encore of “Children’s Dance!”

Percussionists………WOW! This might very well be the best percussion section I have ever seen, and I have been around a few pretty good ones! You performed with emotion and sophistication…a great balance for any ensemble. We were all blown away by the feature……both times! WOW! 

To the guard….we thought you were exquisite! You were beautiful to watch! Seductive, fresh, bold and beautiful! You did an amazing job with the equipment work, especially in so confined a space! We cannot wait to see what you are able to do on the field with this show! Absolutely wonderful! 

And then the performance of the show……..this is one amazing musical package you are charged to perform this season….and it already sounds great! The variety of styles, genres, key centers, articulations, dynamics, and tonal centers performed with such a high level of achievement at this point in the season goes a long way to speak of your talent level and the great training you have received and will continue to receive from this terrific staff! Bravo! We cannot wait to see this show on the field! 

Whatever this season brings in terms of placements and awards it will bring… will not know that for some time……what you should know now is this……this show and your ability to perform is as well as you do will bring joy to everyone that will hear and see you perform it! This will be a season to remember! 

All the best!


The Argul Family  


I’m the mother of a 2nd year Cadet and was really looking forward to a “sneak peak” at this year’s program. All I can say is WOW! What an amazing concert! I absolutely LOVE this year’s show music and the corps fresh energy and talent was more than apparent Sunday night. They sounded incredible! I can’t wait to see the drill! Go get ‘em Cadets! You’re the best! 

Deb Mudrick




I travel from Central New York every year to listen to you perform at Evening with the Cadets.  My background is drum corps; I marched snare with both a junior and senior fairly good corps from Central New York in the 1960s. That makes me an Old Timer, but I am envious of the fact that I cannot march in the Cadets during this era of drum corps. I am also a professional musician, so, I know what talent is. 

Each year the Cadets take me to a new level of appreciation. 

This year's concert was no exception. Being a drummer, the drum feature just made me want to go up there and slap each one of you. No drum line should be that good at this time of the year! The brass gave me "goose bumps." 

My only regret is I will not see you again till A-Town in August. Maybe I'll have to find a show before then. 

Good luck you marvelous young adults.  I can't wait to see this show on the field. 

Richard "Mitch" Mitchell 



Dear Cadets (and special shout out to CBCCG), 

Thanks for an amazing performance last Sunday - you blew my socks off, literally.  I had to take them off and put on flip-flops (it may have been the heat as well, I don't know.) Anyway I marched in 2008 and "aged out" last year, and am really jealous of your amazing show. It's definitely the Cadets: Fast, playing some amazing orchestral greats, and it’s full of theatre and drama! 

I want to encourage you, especially this year, now that you have 90 new members. Newbies: Enjoy this amazing experience, learn and live out the rich Cadets traditions and history, as you are wearing more than 75-years of amazing stories, world championships, crowd favorites and innovation. It is an honor to be a Cadet, and always remember that when you start to feel weak or second-guess your decision to march. Hold strong; it may be the hardest thing you've ever done, but I PROMISE you when you walk on that field for finals night, you won’t regret this summer and this will be life changing. Be flexible to new things, to change, to learning! This will be an amazing experience for you and you will become a new person after this. 

Color guard - you were amazing! For having a lot of rookies, you impressed me. Mark and Jessy, amazing dance--I felt like I was watching SYTYCD live! I wish I taped it. Rifle Line--do it up and make me proud! Everyone: keep being BAMFS and continue being excellent. Spread your hands, point your toes, toss-look up-gimme a mean catch face---and above all things, have fun, watch out for each other because for the next two months, you will become family. 

Marc Paulo Guzman 



Dear Cadets, 

Outstanding performance at Sunday's Evening with the Cadets! Absolutely awesome!  Can't wait until June 18th! We thank you for all of your dedication and hard work! It shows! 

Joyce and Jerry Ross 



I have been involved with the Cadets since I marched from 1948 to 1957.  That’s a lot of years and I have seen and judged many a corps in the years that followed but this year’s group of young men and women have gone well beyond what my expectations were. 

I was thrilled to see that they carry themselves with honor and class and will no doubt carry on the tradition that many before them started.  It’s nice to win but they should never forget that the thing that matters is when they put on the Cadet uniform for the first time … well, from that time on, they will always be a Cadet and throughout their lives they will use the discipline, the hard work ethics and the desire to be a winner they learned by being a Cadet. 

And hopefully, when they age out, they will become members of the greatest alumni group drum corps has ever seen and they too will get the chills and the goose bumps that I get every single time I see the Cadets in uniform.  The loudest cheers you will hear the next time you come on the field will be your alumni group and the thousands that preceded us!  WE COULD NOT BE MORE PROUD! 

For Holy Name Shall Always Be …

Tony “Bart” Bartello 



Wow! This could be the best show yet! I simply could not believe the percussion solo. What a great job of engaging an audience. And the opening … spectacular!

Jesse - alumnus 1987


How do you guys do it? What a tribute to what makes the Cadets, the Cadets. I marched in the 50’s and I am as proud as I can be! Holy Cow! What a great night!



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