Cadets looking for some merchandise design help

Free merchandise, discounts, and other cool stuff for giving a little help

As the Cadets fill out their “store” for the 2010 summer season, the merchandise team is looking for some graphic assistance in creating some new designs. 

What are we looking for? 

  • Go to Express? Go to some of the younger stores where youth shop and take a look
  • We are looking for t-shirt designs, for thermal shirt designs, and for sweats

Or, look to some of the other youth based catalogs 

 We are looking for “stuff” that might work well for your younger audience.

  • Want to take off on the Toy Soldier idea?
  • Or just The Cadets
  • Or the new Logo

We will take it all!  We just need to get some new ideas and some cool looks. 

Have you ever wanted to get some ideas on shirts? This is your chance! 

For any idea we even half use, we will send you a coupon good for $50off on Cadets garb. And if your idea is really hot - $100 in Cadets’ merchandise! Of course, we will have to be the judge of “What is hot, and what is not!” 

Send your ideas to Jaime Marrero at If you need to mail, send to Jamie at YEA! Merchandise, 601 W. Hamilton Street, Allentown, Pa., 18101. 

Hurry - all submissions will be reviewed on June 11 and our final decisions will be made on June 14!


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