LIVE ACCESS TONIGHT! Watch The Cadets from Johnstown, Pa.

ALL ACCESS subscribers get first glimpse of Toy Souldier on the field!

The Cadets will perform their summer production, Toy Souldier, tonight at 7 p.m. on LIVE ACCESS! Straight from Spring Training in Johnstown, Pa., the 2010 corps will give subscribers a first look at their show. 

You’ve heard the audio clips, or enjoyed them live in concert

You’ve seen the show write-up and heard the feedback

Now, it’s time to put it all together before the big debut on June 18 in Allentown! 

Subscribers simply need to log-on the Cadets Web site at 7 p.m. on Thursday, June 10 to be at the 50-yard line, in the press box! LIVE ACCESS will also feature performances by sections and other special features. 

Not a subscriber? There’s still plenty of time left to get in on the special deal of $29 for the entire season. After June 15, the price for Cadets ALL ACCESS goes up to $39. 


Subscribers to Cadets ALL ACCESS enjoy the following benefits:

This year, several of our episodes will be downloadable, making it easy for you to drop your Cadets update right on your smart phone and take them with you on the plane, bus or car.

Historical Performances
Relive the memories of the Cadets Championship performances from 1980 to 2008 available for your enjoyment anytime -- but only with a full subscription to ALL ACCESS.

LIVE Access
Periodically, we’ll bring you right on the road with The Cadets through LIVE ACCESS, direct from the pre-show pep talk, the post-show circle and other stops along the way. 

RIGHT NOW, ALL for an amazingly low $29 for the entire summer! But move quickly – after June 15 the price goes up to $39. 

Don’t miss out on any of the summer action! Subscribe today and join The Cadets in Johnstown, and on their path to DCI World Championships in Indianapolis. 



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