Cadets announce the Class of 2010 Hall of Fame

Greg Pych, Dave Shaw to lead some of the greatest Cadets in this year's celebration


The Cadets are proud to announce what might be the most interesting class of honorees for entrance, and re-entrance to the Cadets Hall of Fame. 

As records were reviewed, calls made, and history books reopened, The Hall of Fame Committee has also discovered some errors of omission to correct as we move to a new decade of Cadets’ history. 

“After the voting for the 2010 Class began, we discovered a volunteer and staff members who had been previously admitted to the hall during its early years, but were inadvertently omitted from the records,” said Eric Santo, Chairman of the Hall of Fame committee. “In the celebratory nature of the Hall, we are choosing to use this as an opportunity to honor not only the newest inductees – Greg Pych, Dave Shaw and legacy selection Arthur Mura – but some outstanding people for their amazing accomplishments." 

Honoree Joseph Adamo  

Fondly remembered by friends and alumni as ‘Uncle Joe,’ this long-time volunteer to the corps helped out with needs that ran the gamut from 1950 through 1973. Discovered to have been included in the 1984 Class of the Hall of Fame, we re-enter ‘Uncle Joe’ for his tireless efforts that helped pave the way for countless generations of Cadets that came after. 

Driver, painter, horn repairer, building maintenance, fundraiser and carpenter – if it helped The Cadets, Joseph Adamo would give his time! His son, Tom Adamo marched in the corps from 1948-1961, and their passion for The Cadets was truly a family affair! 

“He was the man who I knew was responsible when I arrived at a contest site and found our uniforms hung along a gymnasium wall, all in numerical order for easy access, with our smocks hung behind each uniform bag and our shako box on the floor under our uniform. Joe was one of the men who repaired my bugle when I had a meltdown during a winter rehearsal. He was the one who gave us water while we marched in 90-degree weather in a parade. It was Joe who kept us spotless so we could undergo tick-free inspections. He literally gave nearly all his time, all his energy, and endless love to The Cadets.  - Dave Shaw 

Honorees Michael and Greg Cesario 

Michael and Greg entered the Cadets Hall of Fame in 2002 with the team from the 1980’s. Today, they both re-enter, with our thanks and joy!  

Michael and Greg, brothers as you would guess, joined The Cadets in mid-1981, and in a short time, branded the corps as the sophisticated, tradition-laden and yet innovative corps they are today. 

“Michael defined The Cadets. He directed and assisted a group of young designers and crazed corps kids, in defining who we were, who we wanted to be, and how we were going to get there. As much as anyone, Michael was responsible for the three-peat of 1983-1985 and perhaps more importantly, he so assisted us all in creating and redefining the image that exists today. 

Greg, with a dance background and a passion for the understated brought to The Cadets and corps a quality of design that really was new to the world. Movement and body began to enter into the world of corps and it was talented Greg at the helm. - Cadets Director George Hopkins 

Honoree Dave Shaw 

Often referred to as the “Statesman for the Cadets” as he helps to spread goodwill and support for the corps, Dave Shaw was selected as a Hall of Fame honoree during the recent six weeks of voting by the Alumni Block. 

Dave joined the Holy Name Cadets in 1950 as a baritone horn player, eventually becoming Sergeant and a valued leader to all Cadets. He marched as a member of the Cadet Corps when the Holy Name Cadets won American Legion Junior National Championships in 1953 and 1957. Soon after Dave aged out, he continued to support the corps on the administrative side and in more recent years his work for the Holy Name alumni group has brought together generations of Cadets. He has also authored several writings, including co-authoring the 75th Anniversary History Book released in 2009. 

“Dave has been the catalyst for the current success of the alumni, helping the current corps with support in many ways.  He is almost single-handedly the driving force behind the alumni resurgence.  He encourages social gatherings among alumni and serves as the liaison with the current corps through e-mail updates, which allows us, as alumni, to participate and to have a real sense of what it means to be a Cadet today.” - Hugh Mahon 

Honoree Gregory Pych 

Gregory Pych was a member of the Garfield Cadets from 1964-1973. Since his days in uniform he has served on the Board of Directors and as a trusted advisor to the corps’ administration. Members today fondly know Greg as the volunteer on the food truck who plans, cooks and finances some of the many amazing gourmet meals that pop up during summer tour. 

“Without Greg’s guidance and fortitude, it is doubtful that The Cadets would exist today.  While the corps was beginning its run at becoming the corps of the decade on the field in the early 80’s, it was but a short step away from bankruptcy. It would have been easy to succumb to despair and panic, and I am told that there were times when Greg’s confident “we can do this” attitude was the one saving grace through those periods. – William Speakman 

Honoree Arthur J. Mura 

The Cadets Hall of Fame first ever legacy honoree, Arthur J. Mura, was recently selected by committee for inclusion in the Hall of Fame. 

Arthur joined the Holy Name Cadets in 1937. He was a junior drum major for three years, then played bugle for one year. In 1942, he moved to the percussion section as a snare drummer where he stayed through 1949. During his 12-years with The Cadets, Arthur was a member when the corps won its first three National Championships – 1940, 1948 and 1949. Personal achievements for him during those years included winning the Bergen County and New Jersey Sate individual snare drumming titles in 1946 and 1947 and runner-up in 1948 and 1949. 

“Since he was eight years old, Arthur J. Mura has carried a connection with The Cadets. As a boy, living around the corner from the Garfield, N.J., Catholic church, interaction with the Holy Name Cadets was practically an everyday occurrence. Three of his family members – Albert, Charles and Marc - were founding members. Following closely behind, Arthur and his two other brothers, Edward and Louis, also proudly put on the legendary uniform, helping fill the ranks during the corps’ budding and most formative years.” - Eric Santo 


All these honorees will be inducted or re-entered into the Hall on Aug. 8 during the 4th Annual Cadets Alumni and Friends Gathering to be held from 3-6 p.m. at the Three Saints Cultural Center in Garfield, N.J. They will be recognized again later that evening at the Drum Corps – An American Tradition show in Clifton, N.J. 

The Cadets welcome alumni, family and friends to attend the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony when members from across the years will celebrate this wonderful milestone in history. The gathering will be followed by the Drum Corps – An American Tradition Show at 7 p.m. in Clifton, N.J., just a few miles from the festivities that day. 

Tickets for the 4th Annual Cadets Alumni and Friends Gathering are just $49 and are on sale until the day of the event. 



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