The Cadets need marching brass players

Several players of different brass instruments, plus alternates sought

Cadets trumpeter

Already on summer tour, The Cadets drum corps has several brass positions to be filled immediately.

Drum corps experience is preferred, and they need to be physically fit to march, says Gino Cipriani, brass caption head. Cipriani said The Cadets had put out an earlier appeal to good response, but more musicians are needed.

“We were fortunate to find a vet or two and some young folks with experience to fill the last availabilities, but injuries are part of the game and it’s always frustrating, especially when the injuries come quickly.”

Prospective players will need to join The Cadets on the road in mid-tour for the summer, across the US to places like Tennessee, and Minnesota. The Cadets Director George Hopkins notes applicants must be decent musicians so they can jump right in on tour.

“Can you get here?" is a big question, says Hopkins.  "Frankly, these positions are perfect for those [drum corps] vets who stayed at home all winter" and are getting antsy to play in the corps again. "We are looking for you!"

A snare opening was recently filled, and the color guard is "looking good," reports Hopkins, "but the brass line took a hit last week! We are marching 72. We would like to  have a committed and hard working 72. So now is your chance!”

Interested applicants can e-mail Gino Cipriani direct at and can also call Justin Heimbecker, the assistant director of The Cadets at (610) 357-1540 for more information.  The search will be closed when positions are filled.

(Photo courtesy of Chris Maher.)


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