On the road with The Cadets

Merch trailer staff reports from Va.

"It was a dry and dusty field. Temperatures were in the 90s..."


So goes the June 19 account of YEA! Webmaster Charity Musielak, helping out in The Cadets merchandise trailer on the road in Chesapeake, Va.

And The Cadets did well, taking second place with a score of 72.9 to Carolina Crown's 75.95. The Cavaliers came in third with 72.45.

Some drum corps newbies (or maybe future corps members!) cheered them on, reports Musielak. "A local guy in a big-cab pickup truck came up to us and asked what was going on here..."

Fred Wright is a Garfield Cadets horn player from the early 1980s who is volunteering on the road.  "Fred gave him a cool PR rundown of the talented musicians that bring marching up to an art form, how they sacrifice their summers to do this, all the physical demands and musicianship needed."

Pickup Truck Guy was apparently intrigued, adds Musielak. "Fast forward three hours later—I noticed the same big pickup truck parked in front of the ensemble. Turns out the guy went home and got his three little girls, (who all look to be under 10), so they could all watch rehearsal!"

That's one way drum corps fans and participants are made! On the flip side, drum corps veterans are nearly always fans for life.


Musielak snapped this photo of four hornline alumni she ran into. "They happened to show up, and watched rehearsal together. The first two on the left are baritones from the mid-2000s, the second two on the right are trumpet players from early 2000s."

Nothing like turning into a good meal at the end of a long day.

kitchen vols

Tour participants are a captive audience when it comes to culinary efforts, but Musielak praised the tour's food preparers' efforts Saturday. "We had an AMAZING ham dinner, complete with mashed sweet potatoes and a broccoli dish that I couldn’t name, but was equally awesome."

The Cadets Director George Hopkins is, of course, always on hand working hard on tour and can often be seen "inspecting the troops." Musielak photographed him checking out the snareline during their "big solo."


Even while on tour, injuries can and occasionally do happen and The Cadets are looking to fill several brass positions that inadvertently opened up. Read this story for more information.


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