USSBA Band of the Day: North Plainfield High School

Join them on Oct. 2 when they host their USSBA event

The North Plainfield High School marching band is hosting a USSBA event on Oct. 2 at their school in North Plainfield, N.J. Let’s get to know them a little better: 

Directors and Staff:

Heather Fencik, Director; Scott Paul, Assistant Director/Percussion Instructor; Emily Fencik, Marching Tech; Shannon Shotwell, Guard Instructor; Daniel Matos, Assistant Guard Instructor; George Mattis, Drill Writer; Ben Schwartz, Music Arranger 

Share the challenges of getting your band on the field. 

Like many schools, we have found that many of the kids who are talented musicians/guard members also have a great deal of talent in other areas, so we find ourselves sharing kids with fall sports and other school clubs and activities.  We want our students to be well-rounded and know that this will help them when it comes time to apply for colleges and receive scholarships, but it does make it difficult to have good rehearsals when kids are running in from many different activities from any given time. 

What's been the most rewarding part of it all?  

The most rewarding part is standing there and absorbing the energy these kids have when they come off the field and know that they have given the best performance that they could give. At that point, it doesn’t matter if the end result is first place or last place; it’s all about taking in that feeling of accomplishment and seeing the kids so happy.

Tell us about your students. What makes them so terrific?

The students of North Plainfield High School have some of the biggest hearts in the world.  It’s amazing to see their love for music and how they are always striving to make the show better.  The kids in the marching band come together every year and form what can only be described as a “family”.  They support each other, help each other through tough times, celebrate with each other, and continually amaze me with their senses of humor, hard work, and dedication. 

Tell us about your upcoming USSBA show. 

Our show on Oct. 2 will be the first show that North Plainfield has hosted since the early 90’s.  It’s going to be a day show, so even if your band is signed up for one of the larger shows in the Central Jersey area, we’re encouraging bands to come check our show out during the day!  We’re looking forward to showing off our new turf field and are excited to let everyone see what a great place North Plainfield is, as well as what great students we have! 

What makes your USSBA show incredible? 

I know that some great food is planned for our concession stand, “The Hut”.  If taste buds aren’t enough to encourage bands to come to our show, I know that our Music Parents Association has been working very hard to ensure that this show will be a well-run, organized, and fun day for all involved! 

Band of the Day is an occasional feature of the US Scholastic Band Association spotlighting the many wonderful host schools of the Association. Are you hosting a USSBA event and want to be featured as Band of the Day? Email Tara Lee Bryant at


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