The Cadets Experience can inspire, energize and motivate!

One professional to another, why to bring your students on Aug. 8


A recent Cadets Experience welcomed hundreds of students, and featured a massive colorguard combined of Cadets and high school students!

As a band director, you may have heard about The Cadets Experience. The interactive clinic with the nine-time World Champion Cadets is truly a memorable day with the corps, and its impact on your students is hard to convey until they’ve actually experienced it themselves!  

Eric Kitchenman, a long time educator in the marching arts, shares with band directors why bringing their students to The Cadets Experience on Aug. 8 in Clifton, N.J., could lead into a band camp, and marching season, you’ll never forget! 

Dear Band Director, 

It is late July and you are about to launch your band program.  It’s a hectic time of year with finishing off summer vacations and planning on successful band camps. 

I would like to take a moment to draw your attention to an opportunity on August 8th.  This comes to you from one marching band professional to another, and it comes to you knowing that every step forward for your program’s success is a positive step forward.

This is new for you and your team.  This is about an experience where your students will be juiced and excited for band camp.  I can say this because I was part of the planning of this program and I witnessed its implementation at several stops this summer.  I can guarantee that the Cadets Experience is going to light a fire under your students heading into band camp. 

The timing is perfect.  The range of ages to participate is dependent on you.  You could share this event with just your freshmen or new members and they will bring a new outlook to what they will be doing at camp.  You can bring your leadership team and engage them in one of the highest standards of field performance in the world. In turn, they will bring new standards to your band camp.  Or, you can bring the entire band and motivate them as they prepare for band camp. Be it one car load or a bus, you’re investing in energy and a new appreciation of marching and performing. 

I know many of you may have participated in Music is Cool over the years.  This product is different.  It is focused on the participants being engaged primarily with The Cadets themselves and spending some time with Cadets World class staff.  The most unique and powerful event is integration on the field during ensemble rehearsal.  Your students will be given a guided insightful tour of The Cadets on the field while they are performing a full out ensemble rehearsal.  Trust me – it’s breathtaking!  The proximity to The Cadets not in uniform, fully engaged in their performance qualities 6 days before finals, will be priceless! 

For the reduced price of $30, your students get to participate in an amazing clinic event and then witness the last drum corps show on the East before DCI Finals week.  It’s an amazing package and it’s here only once in 2010. NOW IS THE TIME! 

Join us; I look forward to seeing you on August 8th in Clifton N.J. 

Eric Kitchenman
YEA! Director of Education Outreach  

To register, please call or email Melissa Babalonis at 610.821.0896 Ext. 115, or at


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