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USSBA Event Staff Background Checks

Due Aug. 9 for all staff and volunteers

As part of the process to gearing up for the 2010 fall USSBA marching band season, all staff and volunteers associated with the organization must undergo a background check in order to provide all applicable clearances to carry out the operations of the organization.

The background check procedure is important at YEA! as the world we live in calls for due diligence, and of course, for the safety of every single one of our students who participate in the USSBA and YEA! programs.

The Cadets conducted background checks prior to the summer tour on all instructional, design and volunteers who were to be part of the 2010 season. The process went very smoothly according to Justin “Rudy” Heimbecker, assistant director of the Cadets, and Melissa Babalonis who handled the filing of all necessary documentation.

As for USSBA fall staff, please read through and send the completed Background Check Consent Form to the USSBA office (e-mail, fax, or snail mail) no later than Aug. 9, 2010. E-mail to Melissa Babalonis at Or fax to 610.821.1452, or mail to Melissa Babalonis, 601 W. Hamilton St., Allentown, Pa., 18101.

If you have any concerns with the background checks, please feel free to contact Courtney Beard or Melissa Babalonis in the YEA! office.

Everyone over the age of 18 who comes in direct contact with students and is involved with the USSBA, will be taking part in this process. This includes the entire YEA! office as well. If you have already undergone a background check as part of your role with The Cadets, you have received your clearance and do not have to participate in the process.

If you are an educator or otherwise have secured your clearances necessary to be in contact with minors, please provide a copy of that information and it too will preclude you from needing to undergo this check.

There is a small fee associated with undergoing the background check. This nominal amount will be deducted from your first USSBA paycheck unless other arrangements are made.

Background checks are not an indication that anything is wrong, but rather, a pro-active step to ensure that we, as an organization, are doing what is most important to us: looking after the magnificent young people who perform at USSBA events.


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