Pieces of 2010 Cadets history can be yours!

Toy SOULdier walls, Geoffrey silks for sale

Are you an avid drum corps memorabilia collector? An aficionado of Cadets keepsakes? 

The Cadets have the perfect piece of history for your collection! As soon as the season comes to a close at DCI World Championships in Indianapolis on Aug. 14, The Cadets are parting ways with two very special additions to their program – those fun-loving Geoffrey flags used by the colorguard, and the awesome Toy Souldier walls that frame the front sideline of the field. 

These are ideal for a drum corps’ memorabilia collector, or perhaps even a school putting together their fall program. 

The Toy Souldier Walls

  • 15 pieces available, with brick backing, used from Atlanta to World Champs - $300 each
  • 15 pieces available, without brick backing, used from Dallas to Atlanta - $200 each
  • The staff will sign them if desired!

The Geoffrey Flags
20 silks available, signed by Geoffrey himself, if you wish! - $99 each


The Cadets will ship your purchase within seven days after World Championships. To place your order, contact Melissa Babalonis at Melissa@yea.org, or by telephone at (610) 821-0345, Ext. 115.



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