First bands ever to march at New Meadowlands Stadium on Oct. 2

Yamaha Cup moves to showcase bands at world class facility

The New Meadowlands Stadium and US Scholastic Band Association have reached an agreement to bring marching bands to the newest, and what some think to be the premier, facility in the world! The USSBA will showcase bands on Saturday, Oct. 2 as the Yamaha Cup at New Meadowlands Stadium features 50 bands at the home of the New York Giants and New York Jets and the 2014 Super Bowl.

new meadowlands stadium

Registration is limited to the first 50 bands that enroll in the event on the Web site.  A wait list will be created for bands beyond the 50 capacity.  Step-off times will be determined by the date of registration.  Those bands who have already registered should confirm their intent to participate in the Yamaha Cup at the New Meadowlands Stadium with the USSBA office as soon as possible.

The agreement with the New Meadowlands Stadium provides for the USSBA to begin the competition in the morning, allowing for more bands to participate and completion of the final awards earlier in the evening than ever before.

“We’ve had a three decade long relationship with some of the friends involved in the new stadium and knew they would help us create a memorable event for all of the young people participating,” said George Hopkins CEO of YEA!, the parent organization of the USSBA. “Of course, there will be additional expense associated with performing in a venue estimated at $1.5 billion in construction, but what a magnificent venue to see talented young people perform!”

“Due to the nature of the logistics associated with a new facility like the New Meadowlands Stadium, we had to be patient as facility personnel worked through issues with top name concert acts and the Super Bowl until they could finalize the details of our agreement,” said Sean King Director of the USSBA.  “Being put on hold by the likes of Bon Jovi and the NFL is fine by us, as long as we are able to eventually bring our bands to the Stadium.”

King added, “With the uncertain economic times, and some of the givebacks already committed to by the USSBA to their participating bands in 2010, we will have to raise the registration fees for bands and ticket prices for parents.  When looking at a substantial increase in services mandated by the stadium, we have kept the increases as affordable as possible.  However, without full registration of 50 bands, it will be impossible to host the event given the new financial arrangement.”

The registration fee for participating in the Yamaha Cup at the New Meadowlands Stadium will be $950 and will be the only fee paid by bands.  Ticket prices will be $20 for optional tickets sent in advance to the bands for resale.  Ticket prices at the gate will be $25 for adults and $20 for students.  Bands will have an unlimited number of tickets available for presale and can use these tickets as fundraisers for their performance in the spectacular New Meadowlands Stadium.


“We have added a new student level ticket price to help offset some of the costs associated with bringing a family with siblings to the stadium,” said Courtney Beard, Events Manager for the USSBA.  “But as the commercial says, seeing a band perform in a fantastic new facility like the New Meadowlands is ‘priceless!’”

To register your band for one of the final three remaining performance times in the Yamaha Cup at the New Meadowlands Stadium, visit the registration page at  For more information on this event, contact Jonathan Swengler at (610) 821-0345, Ext. 113, or via email at


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