Buckle Campaign connects YOU to this memorable corps

Hopkins Editorial: We need you here in the final days!

Editorial from George Hopkins
(As I sit in the RV at rehearsal in Lancaster, Pa.)

Did you know you can march with The Cadets in World Champs?

A beautifully engraved buckle can be worn by the Cadet of YOUR choice during quarter, semi and finals competition at Lucas Oil Stadium. Or, a dog tag stamped with your name… 

So why do this?   

The Cadets, like all corps, need assistance. Last year, we raised $49,000 through the buckle campaign. Frankly, Susan Erben single handedly generated the gifts! This year, we need to do things a little differently but … we still need that $50,000. In fact, we need $75,000 to make up for a season of rough mechanical issues. 

Why you? 

Well, you can for all time, have the buckle or dog tag of a member of one of the great corps in Cadet’s lore. I promise you, this show will be talked about! The standing ovation last night, and the ovations that are about to occur over this weekend are simply a sign that hard work pays off. Ninety-one first year members and 49 returnees have teamed up to make drum corps a blast! 

So … perhaps you want to buy a buckle and gift it back to a member?
Perhaps you want a keepsake for your home.
Perhaps you just want to help!  

Regardless, we really do need you here in the final 10 days!

The season has been memorable .. sometimes for the wrong reasons. 

But as we teach to The Cadets, life is about what you do, not what occurs! How will you react? What will you do? Who will you be? 

Well …The Cadets are champions.

Please join with us. $50 is awesome. And at $250 or more, you are my hero!  

Thank you so much! 




 Not only will you march with your Cadet, but we will return this memento to you after World Championships, for you to cherish the rest of your life!   

During the week of DCI World Championships on Aug. 12-14, march with a 2010 Cadet and receive:   

  • $250 - An Engraved Cadet Uniform Buckle worn at Finals on Aug. 14
  • $200 - An Engraved Cadet Uniform Buckle worn at Quarterfinals or Semifinals on Aug. 12 and 13
  • $100 - Your name sewn into a new DeMoulin Cadet uniform jacket
  • $75 - A Toy Souldier Embossed Dog Tag worn at all three performances
  • $50 - A Cadet Logo Pin from the era you marched

 “March with the 2010 Toy Souldiers” by going to www.cadets76.org or by contacting Andrew Barlow, YEA! Assistant Director of Development, at Andrew@yea.org, or by telephone at (610) 821-0345, Ext. 122.


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