Order Your Cadets Gear Before it's Gone!

Merchandise will move fast at Indy!

Look good, stay cool, stay warm—we have everything you need, all coordinated in maroon and gold to wear or give or display with pride! But you have to ORDER NOW as this is prime time Cadets' gear season and merchandise is moving fast.

round tuit

You know that favorite jacket, hoodie or T-shirt you've been thinking of buying but just haven't gotten around to it? This is your "round tuit"! So do it now! We could easily sell out of your favorite item at the DCI Championships in Indianapolis and you may never get another chance! Be sure you have your souvenir of a fantastic Cadets season. Don't miss out on a useful memento! Don't let someone else walk away with the last of your favorite Cadets item!

So give yourself or someone else a gift—heck, you can have half your holiday shopping done early—and ORDER TODAY!



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