Alumni send kind words after memorable Clifton show

Special message sent via Alumni Dave shaw

The Cadets hosted their Home Show on Sunday, Aug. 8, welcoming alumni, supporters and fans to Clifton Stadium in Clifton, N.J., for a fantastic night of drum corps entertainment. The evening also included a special combined performance by The Cadets and the Alumni Corps and Alumni Colorguard. [object Object]
Two former members of the corps, who had not attended a show in some time, sent their comments to Alumnus Dave Shaw and asked to share the kind words.
I have been asked to send you this message by two alumni, Bill McCullum 42-52 and Tom McCullum 50-51. Unfortunately neither of them has a computer, which is the reason I was asked to write to you on their behalf. The two men are currently dealing with some health issues that require them to walk with a cane. They were, therefore, somewhat apprehensive about attending the show on Sunday, but they wanted very badly to see their corps so they put their fears aside.
What they particularly wanted me to relay to you is their thanks for the kind treatment they received from everyone they encountered. When they arrived they were immediately directed to the area reserved for handicapped parking. Someone who appeared to be from The Cadet staff assisted them out of their car and escorted them into the stadium and to their seats. Following the show another staff member told them to remain seated (and he stayed with them) until it was safe for them to exit.
They told me they thought it was a fantastic contest and they thought all the corps were great. They also thought everything was organized and run superbly. Most of all they loved the Cadets. Bill kept me on the phone for about 20 minutes praising the kids and their performance. Bill has been a background worker for the past few years in all of the events the alumni organized for the kids. I can tell you honestly, without his efforts a lot of what we did would not have been done as well.
Please share this message with your staff.
I can also add my thanks. It truly was a fantastic night of drum corps. I don't believe anyone left that stadium unsatisfied.
Dave Shaw
Photo Caption: The Cadets perform in front of a packed stadium in Clifton, N.J. Lower, the Alumni Corps performs with The Cadets.


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