Final three to enter into the Holy Name Circle

Congratulations & thanks to all our special guests

George McGovern of Melrose, Mass., conducts The Cadets during warm-ups at the recent Lawrence, Mass., show. The Cadets thank all their guest conductors and participants in the Holy Name Circle.

As The Cadets head into their final three performances of 2010, three individuals will experience a night like no other! They will be part of the corps’ Holy Name Circle, the pre-show pep talk and singing of ‘Oh Holy Name.’

The Cadets will welcome John Pittman of Bluffton, S.C., into the circle for their Quarter-Finals performance, Isaak Frank of Wexford, Pa., for Semi-Finals and Stuart Carter of Zionsville, Ind., for their Finals performance.

The Cadets announced the opportunity to conduct the corps during warm-ups or stand in the Holy Name Circle in late July. Dozens of alumni, family members and fans got in on the excitement, bidding in the corps’ online auction to take part.

The feedback has been terrific:

“I absolutely loved it, it took me back 30 years, Santo said. “When you are singing with the alumni and kids at an event it is great but don't mistake it for being the same thing as standing in the CENTER of the circle Pre Show and hearing the pre show talk.  The emotional intensity of that moment is indescribable.” – Eric Santo

“Conducting the Cadets' hornline was for me realizing a dream I'd had since I was very young…say 8 yrs old....I grew up going to shows all summer and more than anything in the world I wanted to be the drum major of a corps like "Garfield". As a young adult and music educator in the '80's Garfield became my dream corps, mixing my two passions, the music of Leonard Bernstein and drum corps. To actually conduct them was a dream come true. 

Since Julie started marching here five years ago I've paid particularly close attention to Gino's teaching style/approach and have incorporated many of his methods in my high school orchestra ensemble. All in all, I was honored to share a musical moment with this amazing group of talented musicians, with my admiration stretching way back to my youth. The members will never fully know how much it meant to me to have that moment in time with them. They were so responsive and open to my musical ideas....oh to do it over again! Thanks to all who came up with the idea and to those fantastic folks who sponsored me!”  - Robin Bierschenk 

“I tried to look at my daughter Ashley but I had to look away... the intensity of the moment and watching those kids hang on every word George says is incredible. It was the single best drum corps moment of entire life."- Barbara Pittman.

Congratulations go out to all the guest conductors and friends of The Cadets who took part in the organization’s once in a lifetime opportunity, and special thanks to them for their unwavering support of the organization.

8/14 Finals, DCI World Championships

Stuart Carter of Zionsville, Ind.

Holy Name Circle


8/13 Semi-Finals, DCI World Championships

Isaac Frank of Wexford, Pa.

Holy Name Circle


8/12 Quarter-Finals, DCI World Championships

John Pittman of Bluffton, S.C.

Holy Name Circle


8/7 Allentown, Pa.

Larry Watkins of Powder Springs, Ga.

Holy Name Circle


8/6 Lawrence, Mass.

George McGovern of Melrose, Mass.

Conductor during warm-ups


8/5 West Chester, Pa.

Joe Fischer of Ellicott City, Md.

Holy Name Circle,


8/3 Massillon, Ohio

Robin Bierschenk of West Chester, Ohio

Conductor during warm ups


8/1 Rock Hill, S.C.

John Pittman of Bluffton, S.C.

Holy Name Circle


7/31 Atlanta, Ga.

Eric Santo

Upper Saddle River, N.J.

Holy Name Circle



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