2010 Age Outs honored at Annual Awards Banquet

43 Cadets move on into the Alumni Association


The 2010 Cadets Age-Outs participate in the candle ceremony during banquet on Sunday, Aug. 15. Below, Cadets celebrate during the DCI Age-Out ceremony held after Semi-Finals in Indianapolis. (Photo courtesy of Scotty McGarry.)

With every season that passes, The Cadets say farewell to their age-outs during the memorable Annual Awards Banquet held the day after DCI World Championships in Indianapolis. In 2010, the corps sends off 43 young men and women who now join thousands of alumni, a legion of dedicated family of Cadets that spans 76-years! 

Congratulations to The Cadets 2010 Age Outs: 

Sean Buchsbaum
Ali Carraher
Brendon Foley
Scott McAnally
Bryan McLaughlin
Dorothy Beck
Julie Bierschenk
Patrick Farrell
Constance Rosado
Daniel Valdelamar
Jessica VonVillas
Allison Watkins
Jordan M. Fisch
Benjamin Hayes
Scott Proctor
Erick Ramos
Will Ebbels
Jose Guimaraes Jr.
Tyrone Hayes
Dylan Jones
Rebecca Russ
Justin Samuels 

Amanda Deese
Pete Johnson
Caitlin Kellar
Abby Malloy
Danielle Vallies
Mindy Cooper
Carlos Diaz 

Joshua McCollum
Kenny Cosados
Scott Radock
Mark DeLacey
Travis Opocensky
Tim Sepe 

Front Ensemble
Bobby Glynn
Sheila Heady
Rich Klimowicz
Derrill Koelz
Maura McGillicuddy
Sheri Poskanzer
Danielle Russo
Thomas Wilson

As age-outs of The Cadets, these musicians and performers now become part of the Cadets Alumni Association. For more information on the CAA, CLICK HERE.


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