USSBA band director information form now available

Submit your 2010 show information for Web site, program books

Drills are being written, arrangements revised and students are being put through their first paces of the 2010 fall marching band season. 

Now is the time to update all of your information for the 2010 USSBA season so it is properly included on the Web site, announced correctly in stadiums and published in this season’s program books. 

We’ve included an easy link for you to fill out the 2010 USSBA Band Information:


It’s simple.  It’s painless.  And it allows us to service your band to the best of our ability by providing the correct information throughout the season to judges, parents and supporters of your program - from the first show to the season-ending National Championships. 

Thank you in advance for completing the 20100 Band Information Form and best of luck for the upcoming 2010 fall marching band season.


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