Final Two Show Staff Training Sessions Set for the Fall

August and September dates chosen

In our attempt to continue to provide ongoing training for first-time and veteran show staff team members, we encourage those participating in the 2010 season to join us for upcoming webinars leading up to the first events of the fall.

Register here for the August 26 session.

Show staff members are invited to join the USSBA for a training session leading up to the USSBA season. These refresher courses will be good for returning veterans as well as those new to the fast, fun and frenetic world of the USSBA. In addition, the USSBA is putting the wraps on the versions of the USSBA coordinator/assistant coordinator/tabulator handbooks, which will be handy to explain the roles and responsibilities of each of the positions and make your time with the USSBA even more satisfying.

More information as to call-in numbers and accessibility for the online training webinars/ conference calls will be forthcoming via e-mail and posted on the website.

    Show Staff Training Sessions:
  • Thursday, August 26 — 8 PM
  • Thursday, September 16 — 8 PM


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