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IonX temperature alert patch available through DeMoulin

YEA! uniform partner offers bulk packs for marching bands

Heat related injuries can have an impact on all aspects of the marching season. That's why DeMoulin Bros. & Co. presents the IonX™ Body Temperature Alert Patch, the industry's first medical breakthrough to protect the marching athlete.

Right now, through an exclusive relationship with IonX™, the Body Temperature Alert Patch is now available through DeMoulin, the official uniform partner of the US Scholastic Band Association and The Cadets Drum Corps.

The IonX  Body Temperature Alert Patch is currently available in the following quantities:

10 Pack for $9.95
30 Pack for $19.95
100 Pack for $59.95
500 Pack for $229

A Proactive Solution for all Marching Ensembles
The IonX  Body Temperature Alert Patch  is a disposable indicator warns the wearer if and when there is a danger of overheating. When the body temperature increases to a level associated with an elevated risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, the patch changes to a highly noticeable color to alert the individual, section leaders, drum majors, and band directors to take measures to reduce the individual's body temperature. Once he or she has cooled to a non-risk temperature, the patch will return to the original color. At this point, all users should refrain from an further stress or strain. However, the patch will continue to change color again when the body temperature increases to an elevated level.

Due to the nature of the adhesive, the patch is designed for one single use. Once it is removed, including relocating from one body position to another, the adhesion qualities are reduced. The ionX™ Alert Patch has the same characteristics of a cotton bandage and is round, elastic and waterproof, to stay secure during activity.

Here's how it works: Heat-sensitive chemistry changes color to indicate the rise and fall of core body temperature. When an individual's temperature reaches elevated levels, the ionX™ Alert Patch begins to change from black to yellow. At a risk point, the patch turns a noticeable yellow that is easily visible at a distance or from the sidelines. 


An Exclusive Partnership

DeMoulin and Youth Education in the Arts announced a multi-year partnership earlier in 2010 that has seen the musicians of the nine-time World Champion Cadets Drum Corps perform exclusively in DeMoulin Uniforms, while the uniform provider has also teamed up with the US Scholastic Band Association on a current national expansion initiative of the nation’s largest and fastest growing marching band organization. 

As part of the first year of the DeMoulin partnership, the DeMoulin Challenge marching band competition Presented by the USSBA will debut this October at two premier venues in the East and South, designed to showcase America’s elite marching bands from each region in a new competitive format. 

Finley Stadium on the campus of the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga will host the first DeMoulin Challenge on Saturday, October 2 and Rutgers Stadium on the campus of Rutgers University in Piscataway, N.J. will be the site of the second DeMoulin Challenge on Saturday, October, 16.  Both events will bring together thirty competitive marching bands at each site, vying for fifteen coveted Challenge finalist slots in a first-of-its kind prelim/final competition for the USSBA. 

Since 1892, DeMoulin has been a leader in quality apparel as a uniform supplier to both university and high school marching band programs.  Based in Greenville, Ill., DeMoulin offers washable unconstructed uniforms, lightweight semi-constructed uniforms and fully constructed uniforms. 

DeMoulin is a custom manufacturer, with products made to order with through designs provided from our studio of talented and creative designers or through uDesign, the industry’s first online marching band uniform design application available at


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