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Trophy Festival 2010 takes over YEA! gallery

Staff completes task of producing 1,100 awards

Members of the Youth Education in the Arts staff were knee deep in trophy parts on Monday, but by late Wednesday, Trophy Festival 2010 had come to a close with nearly 1,100 awards ready to be used in the upcoming US Scholastic Band Association season. The effort wrapped up a day early as many members of the team pushed to bring the project to completion. [object Object]

Every year, the lower gallery in the Allentown, Pa., building becomes a trophy building assembly line as staff builds the awards to be given during the fall band season. The trophies are built completely from the bottom up then stored until they are used in 140 events that begin on Sept. 11 and run through Nov. 14.

Photo Captions: At right, Gary Williams, Andrew Barlow, Danni Marone and Becky Russ in pre-assembly. Below, Melissa Babalonis and Justin Heimbecker and Greg Jackson in final assembly.



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