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For 22-years, the US Scholastic Band Association has given band students an avenue to reach for the sky, to grow and excel. It’s been visible on football fields across the country with every note played, step marched, and flag, rifle or saber tossed. Through nearly 140 events each season, the USSBA’s hope and mission is to provide students with positive experiences and memories that carry on for a lifetime!

As we continue our focus on students, and an emphasis on the YOUssba being about the people that make this Association unique and special, we are pleased to announce the coming release of our new student Web page. This fresh and vibrant page will be a news portal relevant to young people who love the marching arts. 

It will be accessed through the USSBA Web site, will give band students a place to connect, and find practical and fun information relating to marching and concert band and indoor pageantry. It will include video, columns, interviews and features about what’s most important to the USSBA – kids! 

As we gear up for the unveiling, we need your help with two features – band videos and fun, student written editorial copy! 

Send us your band’s video links

Do you have YouTube or other video of your band? Send it our way and we’ll include it. Send to Charity Musielak at 

Stories only a band kid can relate to!

We’re launching ‘I Missed My Dot,’ a column dedicated to every student’s funny band stories. Everybody has them. That embarrassing moment on the field, the funny prank on a band trip. Tell us and share with students just like you! 

We’ve made it simple with an easy I Missed My Dot! submission form. 

To get us started, here’s one story from someone pretty close to the USSBA team. Enjoy!

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“Well, back in high school the moment that I was looking for finally arrived…I got to be Drum Major. I was so excited because not only did I get to conduct the band but I got to wear the different uniform (I mean come on; it’s what we all look forward to!) 

Being the person that I am while getting a fitting for my new uniform I wanted to get pants that were a little bit tighter to make sure that I looked perfect for all those pictures that people were going to be taking. Only problem was that it was also impossible for me to get into those pants! 

ANYWAY, the day finally arrived when it was my first competition. I was so excited. I remember jumping up on the podium and hearing them say “Is your band ready!?” With so much excitement I did my salute and took off my hat. While putting my hat down I all of a sudden heard and felt a rip! That’s right, I ripped my pants. But as they always say the show must go on so I kept a smile on my face and conducted the whole show with a fabulous rip in my pants. After that show I got pants that actually fit me.  


Do you have ideas, or a submission as a guest columnist for the USSBA Student Page? Email Caryn Goebel at, or call (610) 821-0345, Ext. 121.


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