How can you support the marching music activity?

Be a part of the USSBA Band Hero Merchandise Team!

The US Scholastic Band Association, The Cadets and other programs of Youth Education in the Arts rely heavily on the sales of merchandise and videos during the USSBA season. A successful merchandising season assures that fees and other costs to bands and students are kept to a minimum, while providing great merchandise and keepsakes at a reasonable price. Many of our items have been specifically requested by students and parents. No one is required to buy, but we feel that we offer merchandise that our students, parents and fans enjoy and desire. 

For us to be successful, we need volunteers who can spend a weekend day or more to assist in distributing, displaying and selling this merchandise at USSBA shows. We would like to be at a minimum of four shows per Saturday and Sunday, including our staff, that will require up to 8-12 people per weekend. 

You can see...WE REALLY NEED YOU! 

If you enjoy watching wonderful kids do extraordinary things. If you enjoy being around people who love the marching band activity. If you like having fun while performing a great service to kids, this is a place for you. Your help WILL make a huge difference in the lives of kids! 

We'll have contests, incentives, laughs. Come on, join us! 

Can you give us a weekend day - or several - any time from Sept. 11 to Nov. 13? Take a look at the USSBA schedule to find a show near you. We need help in PA, NJ, TX, TN, MD, VA, MA, almost everywhere.  We'll make you a Band Hero! You'll even have a cool shirt to prove it! 

CLICK HERE to view the 2010 USSBA Schedule. 

Email Bill Speakman at or if you have questions or ideas, give me a call anytime at (610) 821-0345, Ext 126.


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